Season’s Greetings from Carol Rosin

If you haven’t investigated my old friend Carol Rosin’s work to keep weapons from space, please do. Google her name. Lots there, including her testimony at Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project National Press Conference in 2001. And if you haven’t seen that two-hour video, allow it to jump-start your education. Fred Burks, of, told me personally that his encounter with this video changed his life. He quit his job, as a high-level translator for the State Department, and started his site, now an extraordinary compilation of archived and ongoing news on all sorts of topics that, prior to watching the Disclosure Project video, he would have dismissed as crazy.

A former mucky muck in an aerospace company, Carol Rosin has been aware of the false-flagged-endless-war-agenda-to-keep-ever-new-and-improved-weapon-systems-flowing-for-the benefit-of-banksters-and-aerospace-companies for decades.

Check her website, to see how she’s approaching the still-out-of-control weaponization of space (and Earth) now.

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