More on School Shootings: Details and Overview

I recommend as a hard-hitting, wide-ranging source for political and geopolitical (and even some spiritual) alt-news. And itself recommends for its coverage and analysis of false flag events, extolling readers to check that site even before looking at I’d been coming to the same conclusion. Thus, re: the recent Florida False Flag, these three sotn posts, in order, with widening context:

VALENTINE’S DAY MASSACRE: Here’s Why the Florida high school shooting was a false flag operation

All the usual Democrats, who have attempted to gut the Second Amendment over many years, were tweeting the urgency to strip Americans of their right to bear arms while the crime scene was in the early stages of investigation.

Lots of indicators: timing, location, lone (young male) vs. multiple shooters, drills, crisis actors, MSM brainwashing — on and on, why do all these false flag events look so alike? And yet why are the narratives always so contradictory and confused? Notice how designed confusion dumbs us down, makes us just “throw up our hands” and  “give up” — not just our guns, but our minds? 

And/or: we look deeper, fall down rabbit holes that keep us distracted from other “news,” trying, and failing, to “figure it all out.”  Like, for example, something I noticed: that the male caretaker of this particular young, male, likely mind-controlled CIA patsy was a retired “military intelligence analyst”?! Shades of MK Ultra? Was Nicolas on psychotropic drugs? Did he have “demon voices” in his head via “Voice to Skull” mind control technology? 

Why did Nicolas Cruz’ caretakers have such a different experience with him? Something’s not quite right

That’s the point, isn’t it? The entire situation is never “quite right.” Something’s always “off,” strange, disconnected — except for the endless agenda of taking away Americans’  guns so that only big government will have the guns. See William Cooper post, yesterday.

Though I’m putting up only three posts from, as of this morning I count seventeen different stories there, all referring to or analyzing possible aspects of this latest false flag event.

So finally, the kicker third post, for context:

OPERATION GLADIO-C: Government-Sponsored Domestic Terrorism Targets American Public Schools.

How the CIA’s MKUltra Mind Control Program Creates ‘Mass Shooters’ and Turns ‘Lone Gunmen’ Into Patsies

Cf again, Cooper:




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    I believe you are wrong!!!!!troll me all you want!!

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