Scalar Weapon Shoots Down Spaceship?

Irkutsk region in Russia

Thanks to Steve Beckow.

I find this a very interesting account, especially Suzy Ward’s channel Hatonn’s view of it as a spaceship carrying eight beings of different ET species. Also interesting, for what it reveals of our current weapons technology, as well as our military’s plans for “Full Spectrum Dominance.” Not to mention, this story’s reminders of what happened at Roswell.

Plus, have been reading George Adamski’s “Inside the Space Ships” (1953), remarkable journeys by a remarkable man who was roundly vilified in life. All of which means that I am particularly attuned, at present, to the idea of ET species cooperating with each other, living and working on ships together, while exploring the universe.

And when I project myself out there and look back here, on how we earthlings treat each other . . . Geez! We have trouble accepting the equal value of people of another color, or sex, or religion, or political persuasion, etc., much less another species!

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  1. +P- says:

    yeh well apparently also some “craft” have been allowed to be fired upon by it’s “occupants” at times to redirect the aim of the weapons systems, thus preventing hits that were initially planned to be aimed at and below the planets surface. mind you i was also informed that they “teleport” or “relocate their bodies” to the other vessels out of range moments before a hit is “allowed”…
    like a decoy… a distraction…
    just a little story thought i’d mention it…

    all the best, and later ok…
    from +P-

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