Runaway Militarism: Might this be the tipping point for U.S. workers?

I have a good friend who works for one of the major companies for defense contracts. Even though she is a peace-loving person herself, and the projects she works on are not, as far as she knows (because of course her role is compartmentalized), related to her company’s alliance with the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), her high mortgage, two kids, savings for college expenses for the kids, and so on, keep her nose to the grindstone and her mind compartmentalized so as to NOT see what she is directly supporting by her employment there. How many millions of others are like my friend? Which makes this story so very remarkable. And yes, might this story be the tipping point for American workers?

It’s all the more remarkable that I source this story through the Bezos-owned, CIA- complicit Washington Post.

Microsoft workers call for cancelling military contract for technology that could turn warfare into a ‘videogame’

If enough of America’s workers actually did wake up to the enormity of America’s commitment to “defense” (read: OFFENSE), might this become the U.S. equivalent to Europe’s “yellow vest movement” and we the people begin to prevail? Much will need to be sacrificed on a personal level, so involved are most people with the way money works to keep us enslaved in the matrix

If you’re still wondering what the fuss is all about, see this. Our economy literally runs on militarism.

Mapping the American War on Terror 

While I have great admiration for Trump’s military pull back in North Korea, Syria and Afghanistan, and while I also like to assume that his present focus on Venezuela is not what it seems (see Dave of X-22 Report’s view of Trump’s 4D chess with Venezuela), I still cannot fathom how he or anyone could actually transform the American military without the military-driven economy collapsing first. And maybe that’s the point. Maybe that’s why what may be the world’s foremost expert on bankruptcy is now President of the United States.

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  1. rose day says:

    Ann, video-games have been into (pretend?)warfare for decades and admittedly, I am not versed in game-theory yet I must share that my personal discernment meter is moving a bit regarding the timing of this foray into game ‘integrity’ . . . ie . . . where has the ‘concern’ been during these years of glamorized War media targeted to impressionable teens and young adults?

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