Rumsfeld audio: only an attack will generate renewed fear of terrorist attack?

The title of this audio/video — “Secret Recording: 9/11 Effects Wearing Off, Need Another Attack” — that was released through the Freedom of Information Act, draws conclusions that I don’t think are in the actual audio.

Here’s the most telling comment on this particular video/audio: “The correction” [to the lack of a perceived threat] to this is, I suppose, an attack.” However, in the very next sentence, Rumsfeld goes on to say how very real the terrorist threat is in this country, and that people need to realize it.

Right or wrong, Rumfeld’s second statement tends to color the statement he made directly prior to it differently, as if implying that maybe the only way to wake people up to the threat of another attack is to cause one.

Well, of course, a lot of us “conspiracy theorists” have been saying all along that the real terrorists are those who drum up terror attacks in one way or another so that they can use these occasions to generate profit, test new weapons systems, and create public compliance through fear.

However, much as I wish it did, I don’t think this video/audio all by itself implicates Rumsfeld in saying that all terrorist attacks are created by those who tell us to fear them.

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