RT/Charlie McGrath commentary on Wikileaks, Stratfor, Anonymous: For profit intelligence is big business and operates outside the law.

Wikileaks purported obtained the emails from Anonymous.From my notes: For profit Intelligence is big business. The “Security Industrial Complex” will turn its guns inward on the people. Since 9/11, trillions of dollars spent securitizing this country. Big banks hire them to conquer new areas of the world financially. Intelligence as a commodity that can be bought and sold. The private contractors like Stratfor who have info on regular people and are operating outside the law. They don’t answer to anybody. No checks and balances. The big concern always, is “the bottom line.” Any time liberty is being usurped, we should be very concerned. Having for-profit outfits gathering intelligence is inherently dangerous. Wikileaks is the only outfit trying to disseminate info to the public! Wikileaks isn’t the problem, this rogue intelligence apparatus that we have around the world is the problem. What used to be a function of the government has been privatized. A perfect example of legal-based and financial-based capitalism that greased the wheels in Washington to end up with fat contracts. The demand for it will increase as public outrage continues to grow. And they will to turn those guns inward on the people of this country.

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