RT: Dangers of Smart Meters

Ye gods! Time to get off the grid.

Update, 8/1/13 late morning, from naturalnews:

New Bill Aims to Make Smart Meters Mandatory for Entire Nation

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2 Responses to RT: Dangers of Smart Meters

  1. Smart meters are a mechanism under UN Agenda 21 to control ‘all’ resources [land, water, air, food, utilities]. Silently the old guard is reducing the population, and human beings who survive become puppets of one world government, including an omnipresent, virtually omnipotent international police force, or NOT!
    Agenda 21 Monstrous TICK | Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom http://wp.me/pR2D2-1bc
    To stop the madness requires heart intelligent, collective, peaceful action. Organize locally to inform your community, local government, and police, who may be unaware of assault on life.
    CAFR | Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports alert. Austerity scam demands an independent audit of the accounts. http://anewsreporter.weebly.com/cafr-reports.html
    Check out bankrupt Detroit link http://CAFR1.com/wealth.html
    TRANSHUMANISM in my view, renders human beings mindless, heartless, soulless, and Godless which means powerless. http://youtu.be/01hbkh4hXEk

    Killing Your STRAWMAN – The Path To Freedom
    As I understand, debris from a world age cycle that is closing cannot enter a new world age coming toward us. We are here to purify the past ‘together’ like no other civilization, otherwise as Dr. Bruce Lipton says, ”This tract of human beings will simply go to extinction’ or NOT!
    Our voices are strongest when counted together.

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