Roseanne for president. YES.

Yes. Hers is language we can use to confront and provoke corrupt impotent politics-as- usual.

Patriarchy, let’s face it, is OVER.

Thank you, Roseanne.

She begins:

“I speak truth to power in honor of mothers and grandmothers of this country, who are the backbone of this country, and without whose sacrifice there would be no soldiers to fight in any rich man’s war, or turf, in order to sell weapons, drugs, pornography, and the fried corpses of headless chickens at Colonell Sanders and other colonels, generals, and contractors within the military/industrial complex, genetically modified for mass consumption, which will soon lead to the ultimate doom of the entire cosmic web of life, including human doom.”

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  1. Mike V. says:


    All my life, from childhood to the aches and pains of age now that I’m 50, I have believed that the only way any civilization, anywhere and at any time could be successful and allow all of its members to flourish and thrive in peace and harmony would come about is only if women were allowed to run governments.

    How many little girls, young women, mothers and grandmothers would choose to pick up a weapon and take the life of another human in an effort to gain power or status or money?

    In all my life, I have never known a single woman that would make such a horrific, heinous decision.

    The Divine Feminine has been missing from our world for way, way too long. It’s time for Her to come home.

    Women of our world, I salute you. Without you and your undying courage, our world would have collapsed long ago. I thank you from the depths of my heart.

    Mike V.

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