Roseanne Barr to Abby Martin: “Intelligence looks like insanity to drooling imbeciles.”

I thank fearless Roseanne for her wicked, informed, insouciant and deeply empathic pursuit of truth for which she gets called, of course, by those who are mind-controlled, a “truther.”

“What MK Ultra does is never to point the finger at the guilty. Instead always point the finger downwards towards the helpless, never upwards, towards the guilty.”

“And when we have a clear record of who the guilty are, and we don’t ever hold them accountable, no wonder we have kids going nuts in schools.”

“Seriously, we need some moral structure.”

“The thing I to look at Abby, is how women, all over the world, begin to rise and change things. I just hold to that. Because I know that we can do it when we’re not raped beaten murdered held down.”

“It’s all about patriarchy. Patriarchal mothers, too. Women are the ones who need to stop being patriarchal. Let’s admit something new. We can do it.”

“It’s mind control. It’s funny how ridiculously corrupt it is. It’s hilarious too, because it’s so psychotic. We just have to laugh, because now it’s eating its own tail.”

“These guys are such geniuses that they’ve made money obsolete!”

“I don’t think they know what they’re doing. They follow orders, by their handlers.”

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