RIP Rush Limbaugh: Astrology of his Life and Death

I remember being “triggered” by Rush Limbaugh, when he called us “feminazis” and my father-in-law, long a Rush Limbugh fan, called attention to it. Of course I was furious. Disgusted. Correctly labeled!

I can say that now. That was back in the early ’90s, when I was still a Hillary-loving, break-the-glass-ceiling Democrat. From that moment on, I hated Rush. Of course!

Fast forward to two years ago. I was driving along somewhere here in town, when Rush Limbaugh came on the radio. I couldn’t help but pick up on what he was saying, even though, reflexively, having not investigated him since my own exit from all that I had “stood for” earlier,  of course I still hated him. Then . . . what? I was astonished. This man spoke truth, and I knew it, with every fiber in my bones.

I no longer remember what he was talking about. But it doesn’t matter. In my responses to him (only two in my entire life), I thus document my own complete change of mind and heart.

A friend of mine noticed that Rush died on the very day that Saturn squares Uranus, exactly, and mentioned how perfect that was.  What a way to remember this day! The irreplaceable Rush Limbaugh, whose decades-long speaking truth to power discourse on the battle between the forces of hoary tradition (Saturn) and the forces of rebellion, even revolution (Uranus), spanned many decades on talk radio, a now proliferating genre that he basically invented.

I decided to set up his natal chart, and to see how the astrology of this morning, when he finally let go, helped him to pass.

Notice that his Venus, at 5° Aquarius, was within two degrees of transit Saturn in the ongoing Saturn/Uranus battle that characterizes this year.

Notice that his Ascendant, at 0° Aquarius, was impacted, exactly, on December 21, 2020, the day Jupiter and Saturn conjuncted for the first time in an extremely close manner for hundreds of years and ignited, what we all now recognize as the advent of the Aquarian Age.

Notice that his Sun at 21° of naturally conservative Capricorn, has been pounded by transit Pluto for a number of years now, pulling him down into the deathing/rebirthing process.

Notice especially this: his natal chart contains a powerful fixed T-cross that involves Mars at 22° Aquarius, Pluto at 19° Leo, and his Midheaven (public path) at 21° Scorpio. His views were strong, original, even shocking (Mars in Aquarius), drawing energy from his self-expressive  “me generation” Pluto in Leo (1935-1957) to recognize, examine, and undermine the hypocrisy of how political power works (Scorpio governs Pluto). For example:

Another quote feels extremely relevant this week, when the Biden administration is set to  release 25,000 illegal immigrants into the U.S.

Many say that he tenaciously fought his lung cancer until the very end. That he did not want to let go. That he should have been dead months ago. So guess what? His soul waited until transit Mars at 21° Taurus, completed the natal T-cross by turning it into a grand cross:  opposing his Scorpio Midheaven and squaring both natal Mars and Pluto.

Transit Mars pushed his physical body (Taurus) to let go of what he had been tenaciously holding on to, power, the power of his own life force (Pluto in Leo). Finally, he let go. That strong Mars aspect was the specific trigger for completion of his final dying process. However, starting in spring of 2020, spiritual, formless Neptune had begun, for the very first time in his life, to activate his north node in Pisces, itself conjunct within three degrees to his natal Piscean Moon. Many people noted his Piscean kindness to everyone, despite his strong, contrarian, even nasty at times, views. That north node/Moon activation helped him let go let go let go. Since his south node was in Virgo, he had always been very good at analyzing (in his case, political) situations. But allowing his own immersion into the ineffable came harder. The north node is what we are meant to learn in this lifetime.

In short, over this past year he had begun to immerse himself into Neptune’s mysterious realm, but it took transit Mars in Taurus, for him to let go of both ego (Pluto in Leo) and his often shocking, politically incorrect (Mars in Aquarius) opinions and punch his way out of that exhausted body.

RIP Rush Limbaugh, an extremely influential and, everyone says, utterly irreplaceable soul. May each of us attempt to live out the purpose of our own lives the way he did his. From 1988 he was unstoppable, talking off the cuff for hours at a time (though having studied apparently in order to do so), and influencing anyone who wasn’t, like me, brainwashed by the progressive left, on a daily basis.

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2 Responses to RIP Rush Limbaugh: Astrology of his Life and Death

  1. Crescent Moon says:

    Rush born on the day the big Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. On his birthday Jan 12, 2020 he had shortness of breath. It was then he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.
    My granddaughter born on that day too in 2011 she has Moon Aries sq to Sun Cap. One day after school her mother said “I am leaving.” to my son. She left because she had gone to a coding school filled with feminists. She didn’t care what it would to to her family.
    She is doing really well, all kinds of promotions and she is happy. Said she wished she never got married.
    Rush was right

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Wow! Thanks for this. Bingo, that he would get his diagnosis on his birthday, January 12, which, in 2020, happened to be the same day as the exact Satun/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. Amazing.

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