RESURRECTION! Despite no sun, and much downward pressure . . .

Hmmm.  . . Am I talking about my eleven day hiatus from this blog, including my immersion into the UFO MegaCon? No. Though the “Resurrection” part now is correct — I’ve returned and feel pretty much intact, I had simply no energy for blogging while continuously overstimulated and exhausted during the week-long conference that featured, usually, six speakers per day, plus special evening programs. I estimate that more than half the speakers were military or retired military or somehow involved with the military, and/or claimed to be either ET or military abductees or contactees. Each presented for 75 minutes on wildly varied extradimensional, paranormal, extrarrestrial, interdimensional, pychic, etc. topics, with as as many varied perspectives and beLIEfs concerning such based upon personal experience and/or “expertise” of some kind.


I will be incorporating at least some of what I picked up there in coming posts.

Meanwhile . . . it took about 24 hours of traveling both to and from this event, including a two hour shuttle from Laughlin to LV Airport, nearly twelve hours in the airport coming back, having to overnight in Las Vegas on way there, and a red eye flight back with one stop to Indy Airport. Son Colin Cudmore drove me the hour both to and from the Indy airport. I was considerably less coherent on the way back, despite his extreme interest in the topic. Sorry, Colin!

Oh, and BTW: the entire event was held on the top floor of a cigarette fumed casino —

— during communicative Mercury’s long-running conjunction with (dreamy, deceptive, imaginative, addictive, spacey, spiritual) Neptune. And yes, “What, really, is real, what is not?” did appear to be the overriding question in both the speakers’ and attendees’ minds. That’s both my psychic impression as well as based on conversations with my UFO Buddy Joan Bird and others.


I will have more to say about that, and about the event that shifted the entire conference on the very day that Mercury finally shifted from retrograde to direct motion. Whew!

But, now, after a good night’s sleep, I want to begin again with life in Green Acres Permaculture Village, where the laws of nature continuously astonish us with their tenacity, resilience, and primal power.

For example . . .

For at least a month now, I have been getting the message “MOVE THE BARREL!” from daffodils that had started to spring up again right next to it. Every single time I either left the house or returned, there would be that inner voice, growing more insistent over time. I figured it was more daffodils, also wanting to spring up; that in the winter we had inadvertently moved the barrel to that spot where bulbs were buried.

So this morning, when again climbing the front steps after walk with puppy Shadow, I finally said to myself, “Oh to tell with it! OKAY!” — jumped from the step, strode over, and moved the barrel, expecting to see, maybe, tiny tips of plants peeking up, waiting, wanting to spring up, but unable. Then, WHAT THE F____???!!

I ran in and told Josh and Dan to come out, right now, see what the daffodils have done.

Yes, despite no sun and constant downward pressure, they had managed to grow up anyway. Some on the right even had buds ready to bloom. It will be interesting to note how long it takes them to change color and blossom.

Dan says they have been springing up under the stored tomato cages and chicken wire next door, too.


Yes, so while there were lots of amazing, surprising, even “unbelievable” stories drifting out from the UFO conference, including how ETs usually communicate with contactees telepathically, the same thing happens here, with ET flowers and other plants who constantly communicate, helping us humans re-member the Mystery and Magic that infuses the very heart of Nature.

Above and Below. Are they not one? 

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