Responses to Cameron Day’s article: “Why I am No Longer A Light Worker”

images-1So glad this article appeared, a well considered response to the much ballyhooed Cameron Day article, “Why I’m No Longer A Lightworker.”

The Mirage of Duality: I am a Balance Worker

On the other hand, that “light workers” were freaked out by Cameron Day’s article may be a good thing. Perhaps now they will learn how to, I’d say, not just “balance” their good/evil, black/white, light/dark tendencies, but to go even further back, “beyond good and evil,” as philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche put it, in his famous book of that name.

(Hey, I just noticed that, guess what? There’s a “legendary, award-winning, action-adventure video game” called Beyond Good and Evil. Ye gods!)

And to do that, we need to pay attention to the unusually clear practical/mystic teachings of Eckhart Tolle, for example. Yes. Let us continuously train our awareness to stay in the moving point of the present moment; let us learn to hover as a bright sweet alertness inside the presence of the whole, oneness with all, dwelling continuously in that infinitesimal moment just prior to when the world splits in two: self and other. That’s the first thing babies learn, as they begin to differentiate out of what another philosopher, William James, called “the buzzing, booming confusion” of the newborn infant, into our Newtonian billiard ball language of “objects in space.”

First, they learn how to say “me,” as if, in awareness, pointing to themselves as an object; then they learn the subjective: “I.”

“I,” the ego; the first “thing” we learn in order to order the world into objects in space, is the last “thing” to which we return, when dying to the “self,” when we dare to go through the deconditioning process that yields, ultimately, the overflowing abundance of endless mystery.

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3 Responses to Responses to Cameron Day’s article: “Why I am No Longer A Light Worker”

  1. Lynn Wu says:

    Thank you, Ann, for posting this excellent contribution to a conversation I am following with great interest.
    And – may I take this time to send you my sincere thanks for all the energy and sane perspective you bring daily to your blog? And, by the way, I too am the daughter of a Catholic German patriarch who passed away last fall, so I have resonated to the family story you have shared as well.
    Bright Blessings, and many thanks!

    • Thanks so much, Lynn, for your affirmation. And wow, two German patriarchs who let go last fall; perhaps they’re laughing, now. I do think Dad’s having a lot more fun than when he was “German.”

  2. Sofia Aldunate says:

    I know the article is old, but what I read that day from Cameron Day even if it was not nice, it helped me to continue in my search for the real thing that was going on under all this lightworker stuff. I was having a rough time realizing that something was awfully wrong and trying to uncover it. Finally after a long search I found the work of an italian scientist working with abductees, Corrado Malanga, you can find all his investigation FOR FREE in the internet. I recommend you read his work, it could help immensely to find out what is really happening behind the lightworker stuff.


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