Repetitions in Groundhog Day show three phases of personal evolution



Given that I woke up to the psychopathology of planetary ecocide via the probability of total nuclear war in my lifetime when I was two years and nine months old, I spent a long time in the first phase referred to here. I call it my “Chicken Little” phase.

In the second phase I aimed to minimize my allegiance/subservience to psychopathic culture by following my passions, reducing my dependence on the money matrix, and especially (for what is more primary than the body?) and keeping myself physically fit through nutrition and exercise. During my 40s and 50s I lived in a 20-foot diameter yurt, worked as an independent consultant in astrology, traded many “goods and services,” and gifted myself with simple pleasures: hiking, yoga, night-sky watching, forest immersion, and so on. I also worked as an “activist,” for peace, but, unfortunately, in this second phase, discovered, to my horror, that I was exhibiting the very same violent behavior (through the mind, via righteous, vociferous argument) of which I was accusing “the other.”

The third phase, “service to others,” began in the middle of the second phase, when I realized that my work as an astrologer opened a space for the kind of profound and transformative sharing that culturally mind-controlled humans rarely allow themselves. Plus, it was becoming obvious to me, that only as I changed my own inner environment would I be of use to others and to the planet as an activist. That “self-help project” took time, a loooong time. Utilizing journaling, dreams, deep listening, astrology, co-counseling with several close female friends, and the works of C.G. Jung and others, over a period of seven years I gradually dug down into the profound core of what I called “Orphan Annie” to see/feel her woundedness, and more: I had to see/feel not only her wounds, but her mother’s and father’s wounds, the toxic soup of my not so unusual inheritance. Compassion was born in the thick morass of that soup. How could I care more for myself than for others? We were one in our (unconscious) agony.

Now, 20 years later, I work/play in a multidimensional world, germinating new templates for human/planetary interconnectedness through writing this exopermaculture blog plus work/play “on the ground” as a Green Acres Neighborhood activist, helping to germinate a caring village atmosphere within my own little corner of the world. My life is deeply satisfying. And I’m sure that whatever it is I dream into full-on manifestation, others are dreaming and doing as well. I do not think that the psychopathically controlled Earth will go on forever. Either we will still take ourselves out suddenly and relatively soon via nuclear conflagration — see John Paul Craig’s latest for this unfortunately probable eventuality — or else these thousands of little pockets of regenerative resilience will grow and flourish and network with each other to the point where the fiat money matrix and all that feeds it will simply fade into irrelevance.

Now, back to prep for Hildegard Festival . . . 

Being human on a psychopathically controlled Earth: Three lessons from the movie “Groundhog Day”

July 23, 2016

by Carl Herman



The 1993 movie Groundhog Day is the story of a person trapped to live the same day over and over. The main character responds to this situation in three phases:

  1. Manipulative control for selfish short-term desires.
  2. Depression and attempted rejection from no escape and no satisfaction.
  3. Self-expression for virtue and service with satisfaction.

After selfish desire is transcended, the character awakens on a new day with all the earned skills of practiced virtues.


P.S.  Google “Ground Dog Day lessons” and you’ll find plenty more.




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