Renewables Revolution in full swing, locally and globally

This morning, out for my walk with puppy Shadow, I came across a strange contraption that immediately capitivated my interest. As the contraption wheeled by, its driver yelled, “Hi Ann! . . . It’s Woodie!”

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my iphone with me, so couldn’t take a picture of him in his Elf. His is bright yellow. Here’s one I found on the net. And “It got its funding through kickstarter!” he enthused. “Just like your son Colin’s Garden Tower Project!



And that started a spirited conversation with Woodie Bressler, one of the founders of SIREN (Southern Indiana Renewable Energy Network). He reminded me that SIREN’s very first solar presentation was in May 2011, only three years ago; that I had helped to “man” the table at that event; and that now there are over 100 homes with renewables in our area. “One by one,” he says, “those that were at that first meeting invested in solar for their roofs.” Me, too. Last December, 2013.



Now Woodie is driving/biking a solar-powered (for uphill climbs), sun and rain protected Elf.

From local to global, here’s an uplifting story for this chemtrailed hazy morning . . .

Energy visionary sees renewables

revolution in full swing


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