Remember that disgusting false flag “Jewish registration leaflet”? Gordon Duff nails the perp: ADL.

1397743203000-xxx-crimea-leaflet-jewsAnd see this.

Via reader Rose, who comments: “…this information is an incredible game-changer regarding the truth of ‘recorded’ history.”

Press TV: Ukraine Jew registration hoax traced, by Gordon Duff

Here’s how it concludes:

A longstanding tactic of the ADL has been to use smear tactics to vilify those unwilling to submit to bribery or blackmail. With the immense influence that the ADL and its sister organizations, AIPAC and the Mossad have on the media, no matter how thoroughly a false flag is debunked, as it will never be reported in the controlled press, the only thing the public will remember is the ADL/Foxman “smear.”

This is how it had been until the “meltdown” of the “mainstream media” and the wild growth in influence the independent press has enjoyed. What has made this more interesting, by far, has been the ability of organizations like the “Anonymous” groups along with national intelligence agencies to intercept embarrassing phone calls and emails.

Thus far, so much of what has gone so very wrong for the Ukraine and its people has originated from sources in the US and within the EU. Unheard of officials like “Ashton” or “Nuland” have become household names as their involvement in manipulating the Ukrainian coup has come to light.

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  1. rose day says:

    Ann, the deceit and manipulation of institutions, religious and otherwise, founded and funded
    on principles of fear and control are being revealed.

    These world-wide organizations appear to be essentially cut from the same cloth…cloth that has
    become threadbare enough to expose true inner workings.

    For those who have “eyes to see and ears to hear” this is an incredible time to be alive on Planet Earth as ‘revelation’ rolls on.

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