Remember Q? “There is no escape. There are no deals. Prison.”

Q hasn’t posted since May 26. But those of us who follow Q keep seeing Q’s predictions playing out, including arrests of high level perps.

Of course, arrests have been happening all along, but they rarely make the MSM news.. And yet, for some reason, during this period in  June, as transit Mars in protective Cancer opposes the deeply-detonating Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, pedophilia arrests and convictions and sentences are ramping up BIG TIME.

First, on June 11, the Department of Justice, and its new head, AG Barr, showed its newly invigorated hand in a big way:

Nearly 1700 Child Sex Predators Arrested During Operation Broken Heart

Five days later, on June 17, 2019, even an Executive from the Walt Disney Corporation proved not immune from an extended prison sentence.

Former Vice President of Walt Disney Sentenced to More Than Six Years in Portland Child Sex Abuse Investigation 

Then, in quick succession, just today, June 19, 2019, two big stories. The first one even the New York Times was forced to cover, the guilty verdict on all counts for Keith Raniere. This case is particularly important, given NXIVM’s ties to child trafficking from Mexico, connection to the Clintons, Gillibrand, Keith Branson, and other corrupt bigwigs world-wide.

Keith Raniere Guilty on All Counts In Sex Cult Case

Speaking of which, @RodSneaky put up a particularly provocative series of tweets today:


And the second story out today may prove equally portentious, especially since so much of Hollywood is involved here, too. Yep, first the NXIVM cult’s leader, now the Scientology cult’s leader . . .

Lawsuit accuses Scientology,  David Miscavage of child abuse, human trafficking, libel

Check it out: Q anons at GITMO.






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