Remember 9/11? How “they” rolled out “the war on terror”? Please! Stop terrorist-in-chief Hillary Clinton!

I might have added, not to stop her would be planetary suicide.

Hillary Clinton: A Bigger Warmonger Than Bush/Cheney?

I’ve no time to post for the next few days; meanwhile, you might  just google “warmonger Hillary Clinton” for more ghastly eye-opening articles.

Oh yeah, and meanwhile, notice how 9/11’s  “28 pages scandal” implicates both the Saudi Arabia and the U.S. If we make the pages public, then the Saudis will blackmail us; if they blackmail us, then the whole world will start suing us. Why? For all the wars we start? For terrorism as an instrument of U.S. foreign policy?

Obama: We Can’t Let Truth Come Out About Saudi Involvement In 9/11, Or Else America’s Terrorism Will Be Revealed


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