Releasing Ourselves from Mind Control, and other Malevolence

Fred Burks has just released a summary of ultra top-secret U.S. Mind Control programs that have been operating since 1950.

If you are like me, you have huge resistance to the idea that black ops portions of our corporatized government could operate with such heartless malevolence as to mold little children into manchurian candidates via trauma-based conditioning for various clandestine and nefarious purposes.

The first book I read on the subject of mind control drew me to it because of its title, “Trance Formation of America.” I read it through, but the personal tale its author told was so alien to my assumptions about the essential goodness of human nature that I just couldn’t bring myself to believe it.

On the other hand, I had already spent many years uncovering, and then freeing myself from my own unconscious conditioning: a fundamentalist version of Catholicism that I inhaled as a child and constructed a strong internal framework of “certain beliefs” about reality and rules for living.

Though I’m recovering from Catholicism, conditioning never stops. I can feel the conditioning of our still materialistic, scientistic culture constantly flowing through. I endeavor to remain clear and transparent so that it finds no place to land inside me.

So I’ve known, first hand, for decades that our mental frameworks determine what we see and experience as “reality.”

Ultimately, I had to recognize just how much of our life is mind-controlled. Advertising, television (it’s not called “programming” for nothing!), movies, music, academia, medicine, politics — at some point in the early ’90s, I noticed that the word “truth” was not being used nearly as much as the words “spin” and “credibility.” And that we were no longer citizens, but “consumers.”

Gradually, as the years wore on and more and more official malevolence was exposed, I began to expect that this strong, hidden current of darkness had infected our world through and through. So that by the time 9-ll detonated the American “land of the free” that most people still thought we lived in, I knew, intuitively and without a shred of doubt, the instant it happened, that it was “an inside job.” And that it would be used to ramp up terror and exact obedience.

So, it’s not a big leap for me to connect violent weather and tectonic activity to HAARP and/or other secret military technologies. When I mentioned this possibility to my brother John, who lives in Anchorage, he scoffed, and said I’d been reading too many conspiracy theories. “I know people who work there [at the HAARP facility in Alaska], he added.

“And what are they working on?” I asked.

“They won’t say. They’re sworn to secrecy.”

At this point, silence descended at the table where the two of us sat in Seattle with our very old parents. John and I stared at each other. A mile wide gulf had suddenly opened between us. John didn’t want to connect the dots. I couldn’t help but connect them.

I didn’t bother to say anything more, so vehement had been his retort when I mentioned HAARP’s possible involvement with the Japan earthquake.

Now we witness the crazy theater of our polarized political process reach what seems to be an end-stage game of chicken. Who can yell at the other one the loudest, call each other the worst names? How to gut entitlement programs for the poor and the weak and the sick and the old while ignoring the cancerous corporate military malevolence that squeezes the entire globe in its ravenous tentacles.

Judith Gayle has written a very thoughtful piece that articulates a detailed overview to the deepening darkness that infects our precious planet and its peoples. I excerpt its beautiful ending here:

I wish I could pull my foot out of the world in which such heartlessness exists, but this split in consciousness cannot be fixed overnight, even as the planets move into alignment to prompt a confrontation. And it won’t be fixed AT ALL unless we can summon the same determination and courage previous generations brought to their responsibilities of citizenship and devotion to commonwealth. Looking for some comfort, I remind myself that we knew in November how April would look. This is the kind of political snarl we expected, so we need to find the necessary coping skills to bridge this challenge.

If you have a foot in these different worlds, you need to manage your balance carefully. In our own lives, we can be scrupulous with our thoughts and deeds, creative with solutions. In the world of politics, we need to defend our principles of equality and compassion in choosing which activist opportunities to support. In our spiritual lives, we can defuse our fears and use visualization to create opportunities to change the resonant signature of our life and times. In the silence — or music or poetry or whatever activity makes time fold for you — we will find the rest and encouragement that seems so elusive in this wobbling world.

In the big picture, a stilted old version of humanity is passing away because the universe can no longer support a culture of death. Perhaps violence cannot disappear without a last burst of violence. Perhaps it works that way with selfishness and greed too. Difficult as this period in our lives is, I can’t help but think we were made for this moment; we must trust that we were equipped for it as well. When we come at this from the heart, it’s ours to win.

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  1. Judith Avalon says:

    Hey good morning,

    I have tried to share a couple of your articles on my facebook page to people I am in contact with and they have blocked your articles. First I tried the Exopermaculture #7 then I went to the Mind Control One……..

    I will be in touch about our visit.

    Love, Judith

  2. Meech Lynn says:

    I’d say this is pretty much as I see it.

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