Relaxing? Or mind/body controlling . . .

I have no idea. And is it 440 Hz or 432 Hz? I have no idea how to parse that supposedly “diabolical” controversy either. I took a “test,” to see if I could tell the difference between music at 440 vs. 432 — and guessed wrong on all but one of the tape loops! Might I be tone deaf? Or should I say frequency-deaf? At least with sound? Seems odd, since I’m so aware of and even preoccupied with, atmospherics, fields, dimensions, and other Neptunian concerns.

I notice that when I listen to this piece I do tend to sink into a state of amnesia, and, well, weightlessness!

Via shiftfrequency.

According To Scientists, This Is The Most Relaxing Tune Ever Recorded [Audio]





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