Regarding former Pope Benedict’s talk with “God”


I imagine you’ve heard the news, from yesterday:

Ex-pope Benedict says God told him to resign during ‘mystical experience’

Now here’s Steve Beckow, who has made the compilation of channeled sources on various topics into an art form, placing this news in that kind of uber-dimensional context. Interesting, well worth reading, and also includes many references to the (guided?) role of the new Pope Francis. (Keep in mind that these same channeled sources still have great hope for Obama as an evolved being sent to help here on Earth. We have yet to see real evidence for this, but who knows?)

Benedict Responding to an Inner Voice: Plausible? Part I

Benedict Responding to an Inner Voice: Plausible? Part 2

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1 Response to Regarding former Pope Benedict’s talk with “God”

  1. grandpatom says:

    So many tables are turning that I feel current life on Earth resembles a saloon fight at the Long Branch on Gunsmoke… regarding the tidbit about Obama, I’ve never yet forgotten when my son first drew me to pay attention to politics for a change when Obama was first entering the presidential race… I couldn’t imagine anyone with a name so like Osama ever having a snowball’s chance in hell, lol…

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