Reflections on U.S. Floods and Fires

First, here’s another referral from Idaho activist Bill Chisholm. I post it  on the day when I hear about yet a sixth North Korean missile test in a row. And how many news sources mention that North Korea’s continuing belligerence is likely in response to current U.S. and South Korea annual war games?

Why the scariest nuclear threat might becoming from inside the White House

I’ve only barely begun to penetrate the above article. But one thing strikes me overall: that the growth in size and complexity of human “government” parallels the growth in size and toxicity of the dysfunctionalities attending it. Then, when you add in the fact that the U.S. Government since day one, has been focused on creating, maintaining, and constantly improving instruments of destruction that fuel war, the dysfunctionalities attending the protection of those destructive instruments ramp up to unimaginable levels of danger — especially now, with the administration of Donald Trump, who has no experience in how to oversee government bureaucracy, and apparently, not much interest in it either.

I’ve always asked: “Why haven’t we blown ourselves up yet?” Because truly, I continue to be dumfounded. I used to think “God” must be on our side, that divine intervention has prevented any number of worst case scenarios — especially nuclear. I’m no longer so naive. Now I chalk it up to E.T. And if that’s the case, then it might be an argument for the controversial premise that “all ET civilizations are good.” Otherwise, why haven’t we blown ourselves up yet?

Meanwhile, as Dan Wigington notes, the intensity of flooding from Harvey, and possibly from Irma yet to come, is matched by fiery conflagrations in the west, with temperatures and dry conditions breaking records.

The Washington state blaze has grown to 28,000 acres. The National Guard is activated in Washington and will provide air support. An Idaho firefighter is killed battling a blaze. In all, 62 fires are burning.

And see:

Firefighters battling largest wildfire in Los Angeles History

Back to floods, and speaking of Harvey and Irma, here’s a thoroughly conspiratorial article linking the two, connecting lots of dots to concoct a deep background context in at least one possible manner.

First Harvey, then Irma — What’s really going on with these superstorms?

O.K.  Back to fire one more time. I’m struck by the fact that one of the burners at this week’s annual Burning Man festival actually ran into the fire. Reports conflict as to whether firefighters managed to save him in time.

Stunned Burning Man festival-goers watch in horror as man dodges firefighters and rangers to dive into flames of blazing effigy

Meanwhile, check out all the photos from this same article. Not just of one man burning, but of all the fantastic structures, costumes, sculptures, vehicles — not to mention the astonishing organizational work it takes to both prepare for and clean up after Burning Man —I never fail to be amazed at the level and extent of human imagination — and I ask us all to imagine what would happen if we were to redirect our immense, overflowing creativity to the purpose of construction rather than destruction — and not just at scheduled events like Burning Man, but always. In all ways. For the good of all.

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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    Our best path for peaceful global prosperity and freedom is to implement spirit guided CE-5 CSETI protocols, and bypass the Deep State and Secret Government that only pushes for war. Be the change.

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