Reflections on the woke ruination of “Celebrating Diversity”

While I no longer trust Tucker the way I used to, due to his scathing, dismissive treatment of Sidney Powell way back when the (s)election was still front and center for at least the alternative news, he sure “called it” this time.  I especially appreciated his sly smile when reading aloud the fancy Brearley School’s woke hypocrisy, given their attitude towards “legacy” students and wealthy parents.

Anyone within breathing distance of academia — K through Ph.D. — and that includes most of us, cannot help but be either rejoicing with gladness or furious to the point of “madness” at the extraordinarily obvious divisiveness that has taken root within society, thanks especially to the “woke” mob. Disguised and masked as political correctness, equity, justice, inclusiveness, diversity, and so on, every time I open the local papers here, I’m treated to another headline that makes me want to vomit.

For example, today, front page in the Herald-Times:

And how’s this?

Then there’s the hoopla that erupted last year about the Jordan River (actually a lovely creek) that runs through the IU campus, as well as Jordan Avenue, a major campus street . Seems that this Jordan dude, a long time go, was a eugenicist, among his other appellations. For that sin (nothing like going back through history and finding things to hate in an effort to erase hate from history), his memory is about to be cancelled.

Here’s a recent story in the Indiana Daily Student:

City of Bloomington to Rename Jordan Avenue, create task force with IU

Oh yes, and IU has just chosen a female to assume the role of president, the first in its history! After an assiduous search for just such a find, the Board is congratulating itself for a job well done.

So it goes, on and on. Because we no longer live inside our bodies (and haven’t for hundreds of years, thanks to Descartes and the philosophical revolution he helped to inspire), but instead whirr frantically while encased in left-brain minds, we are very susceptible to the idea that our bodies can be viewed as mere bulletin boards, with notices put up of various kinds, usually in lockstep response to outside pressures. Rather than being consciously aware of our individual, ensouled natures, and identifying with the slow development of our character over time as we gradually absorb and integrate the difficult lessons of embodiment, we (mentally) “identify” with our bodies, and then learn to (mentally) value or devalue them for various characteristics that we notice, or make up!, or try to, pretend to change! — with gender and skin color especially obvious value markers.

On the other hand, I was immensely proud of the three young authors at the IDS, for their in depth and wide-ranging analysis of the makeup and function of the Board of the IU Foundation. This, despite that one of them identifies as (she/they) — and I presume the other two, both males, went along with her need for identifying pronouns — the analysis in their article is, I’d say, in the main more awake than woke.

OPINION: The IU Foundation casts a dark shadow over campus. Reconsider how you donate.

I remember someone saying that the biggest marker of prejudice is class, which is not as visible as other markers, and itself only in part determined by monetary wealth. I’d agree, which puts me and my kind at odds with the Boards of both the Brearley School and Indiana University.

P.S. For more on my own attitude towards the virulent cancer of divisiveness that has seized our society, see this:

AK Reader: Has “Celebrating Diversity” (1996) devolved into “Identity Politics”?


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