Reflections on the Astrology of Standing Rock Victory

The chart for the Standing Rock Victory (as near as I can figure: 3:28 pm CST) shows a geometric configuration integrating seven planets that, via 60° and 120° angles, of Sun, Moon, Mars, and Saturn, briefly harmonizes an extremely tense, long running and powerful T-cross among Pluto, Uranus/Eris, and Jupiter.


I wish I could convey to you the excitement I feel, just looking at this chart! It truly does indicate a breakthrough moment, a possible historic tipping point when those who would stand as one with Mother Earth begin to absorb into their generous hearts those who would kill literally anything, including Earth herself, for temporary selfish gain. Do feast on all the celebratory images —


— that even the MSM is now trumpets, while of course, noting that the historic decision by the Obama administration could be reversed come January 20th.

Be that as it may. The challenges are ongoing, and even though this months’ long non-violent action, guided with assurance and steadfast determination by Native American Elders and buttressed in myriad ways by supporters across not only this vast land but the entire globe, appears to have at least temporarily succeeded in its precisely targeted aim, we all know that this is not the end of the struggle for Earth and her inhabitants; this is but the beginning.

Meanwhile, let us also feast on the fact that the strong T-cross in cardinal signs of initiation, featuring (primal, death and rebirth) Pluto in (structural) Capricorn square (90°) from both (unpredictable) Uranus/(discontented) Eris in (brave) Aries and directly across (180°) from (expansive, philosophical) Jupiter in (diplomatic, cooperative) Libra will be moving in and out of alignment through May 2017, making further breakthroughs likely. Let us rejoice, and meanwhile, let us also be grateful that stern Saturn currently transiting through Sagittarius, aligning harmoniously with the T-cross, is disciplining us to channel our energies within an ethical perspective of first principles, recognizing in this case that above all, WATER IS LIFE.

Given that focus, imagine just how those who would kill water and their own emotional life, feel. But do they feel? That’s the rub. According to David Icke, one who can be counted on to focus on first principles himself, in truth these souls do not feel. And this, in truth, is why they can do what they do. Why they can do what none of the rest of us could or would do. The water inside them is either deficient or poisoned. Let us pray for them, and for all who do not realize that this is what human living is for, to fully feel our own feelings, and as we do, to expand to feel others’ feelings, and beyond that, to the feelings of the insects and animals, the plants, the rocks, soil, trees, rivers, the sun and stars, the wind, indeed, the entire cosmos, as it breathes through us, we the self-aware ones who are living, here now, in great gratitude for our temporary victory and girding ourselves resolutely for the long haul.





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