Red-pilling time with a friend: last night’s phone call

Last night I was talking to an old friend on the east coast about the political situation in this country. She is blue-pilled, just as I used to be. I can understand why. It’s very expensive to live in the Boston area; she needs a (highly compartmentalized) job at major tech company just in order to afford her massive mortgage on her smallish house!

In other words: if she wants to keep her and her family’s middle-class “lifestyle” in that geographical area, then she simply can’t afford to look closely at the ground of her own being. At the war-mongering perfidy that supports her good salary.

What can I say? Not the choice I would make, and yet I love her dearly; and I realize: her entire social milieu encourages my former “progressive,” “liberal” perspective, as does her belief in the stories put out by the New York Times.

To her credit, she did listen to me last night, way past her bedtime, too. And we ended the phone call with our love undiminished. So here goes, part of what I conveyed to her (some of it not for the first time):

It was way back in late 2010 that I finally stopped my daily print subscription to the New York Times — I had continued it for nearly a decade after an internal wake-up call, from early  2003, when I found myself highly suspicious of the NYT and other mainstream media complicity in the “WMD” drum-up to the Bush Jr.’s Iraq War. I knew damn well that the stories put out to justify that coming war were most likely false. Just as the Bay of Tonkin to justify Vietnam had been since admitted as false. And before that, just as the official explanation of the Kennedy assasination was false. I knew it. I just knew it.

So how did I stick with the New York Times so long? Well, I wasn’t really groking the internet, and “alternative news,” until I finally let that so-called “paper of record” go. And when I did — wham! An explosion of ideas, opinions, perspectives, from every imaginable and some unimaginable persuasion confronted me. How to make sense of it all? What is true? What is real? That’s when I started this exopermaculture site; and through the years I’m amazed at how much time and energy I’ve spent on the bullshit political spectrum that tries — and too often succeeds — in capturing my attention.

So here we go. My main way of attempting to begin to red-pill a friend, one who knows that my views have transmogrified in a direction not just surprising, but horrifying to him or her, is to first talk about the book, Trance Formation of America. That’s what really did it, for me. I read that book, the memoir of a mind-controlled CIA MK Ultra “presidential level” sex slave Kathy O’Brien trafficked to the White House — and to Hillary Clinton — during the Clinton presidency.

Yes, that’s what did it for me; though it took years for me to actually agree to take the contents of that book seriously. At first I simply could not believe it. Hillary was my hero, of course!

Then I read another, similar account of another MK Ultra mind-controlled sex slave, this one referring to both high level politicians and Hollywood: Bryce Taylor’s Thanks for the Memories.

And then I remembered the astrological client of mine who lived in Salt Lake City and spoke, in a monotone voice, of being present as a child during some kind of sacrificial ritual underneath the SLC Temple, the nature of which my mind, of course! — refused to remember. That was prior to reading Kathy O’Brien’s book. Being a normal, decent person, of course! — I simply didn’t believe the author’s tale. Couldn’t be. Simply couldn’t be. Evil so profound and pervasive is simply not possible..

I mentioned all these memories to my friend on the phone last night, saying that I am glad the Epstein case has begun to wake the general public up to pedophilia, at least. She said, “It’s weird. Now I see in the New York Times that pedophilia has some kind of biochemical origin, present in only a certain percentage of the population.”

To this . . .  well, I exploded! “Ah! Trying to normalize it, make it a ‘disorder,’ eh?”  Which then prompted a further rant, of how pedophilia operates in nests at all levels of society, invading business, law, the courts, the police, etc. and is used specifically to blackmail people. I told her about D.C. parties where mind-controlled sex-slave children are present, and then shoved into a room with drugged-up politicians; what happens next is then recorded, for all time. The politician in question is told of the recording. And from then on, that person is owned, must follow directions, or be exposed.

I directed her to this documentary:

On and on. How many times have I spoken of these horrific matters on this blog? I wish it would all go away. But it hasn’t. Luckily, more and more is surfacing, including “MK Ultra,” a phrase now heard much more often in public than before. Slowly, the population does seem to be red-pilling itself, thanks especially to citizen investigative journalists who inform their twitter feeds of their findings. I think especially of Liz Crokin, Tracy Beanz, Tiffany FitzHenry, Corey’s Digs — all young women! — and many others, both male and female, who dare speak truth to power.

My friend, and many many others, wonder why I support Donald Trump. THIS is why. He is aware of the corruption that underlies the entire political system, and has vowed to “drain the swamp.” The future of this nation will depend on whether or not he is able to keep his vow. And the timing is exacting: Karmic Saturn begins to close in on Pluto now, for the first time in 35 years. Even more significant, Transformational, death/rebirth Pluto Returns to its Natal Place in the U.S. Chart for the very first time in the early years of the 2020s.

On the other hand, of course, I abhor Trump’s views on the environment. It’s with great sadness that we watch regulations protecting various pristine areas of the U.S. being ruthlessly stripped away in the interest of bringing corporations back to the U.S from China and other countries that use slave labor to make our trinkets. And yet, from the point of view of business, he’s right! We do need to stop the economic bleeding, as well as protect our own borders. As does every nation.

Don’t get me wrong. I too, view capitalism as inherently, when allowed to run amuck,  predatory. And yet is a socialist/Communist state-owned centralized economy the answer? I think not, in that it strips individuals of their freedom to the point where they lose incentive.

Freedom and community. This is the polarity, the paradox, the balancing act that we are all working with during this critical period in human history. How do we build a society that works for all without ruining the Earth under our feet? To me, more and more decentralization is the only way to go. I see tiny permacultural farms, run by small groups of people, in voluntary association with other folks who are doing the same, everywhere on this planet as “the answer.”

But of course there is no one “the answer.” We must learn to think in a more nuanced and multidemsnional, indeed heart-based manner, rather than scream at each other over whose tiny polarized view of the world is the “right” one.

Let us learn to listen to each other. To be kind toward one another. Let us remember what my teacher used to say to me: “Assume good will, Ann. Assume good will.”

And as far as President Donald Trump goes, let us appreciate his efforts to bring the United States home to its founding ideals in the face of intense negative headwinds attacking him from those who would gobble up everything for themselves.

And yes, would someone please encourage this colossus who dares to take on the powers that be to begin walk barefoot in the forest, on mushrooms? Would someone please help him expand his world view to the point where he includes our beloved Mother Earth as the ground of his herculean care?



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6 Responses to Red-pilling time with a friend: last night’s phone call

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    Because of your courage, love and light, it helps many others of us begin to focus. Rudolf Steiner speaking during the early 1900’s on our current post Atlantean epoch, described this exact collective human phase of spiritual development when finally the negative spirits will begin to come into focus and we will begin to know them for what they are.

    Thank you so much for your voice. I post this with a feeling of deep gratitude and appreciation for all that you do.

  2. Since godwords are passing from fashion lickety split, may Infinite Creator bless you and your words inclusive. I used to reply to political affiliation queries as am a fiscal archconservative but a flaming woo woo social liberal. I cancelled my New Yorker subscription–hated the loss of some in depth pioneering, on EMFs and such–but under cover of chichi and fabulous cartoons they were moving from lib to globalist (as were Atlantic and Sat Review). It is hard to define to busy normies the exact stylistic marker where one feels editorially exploited. As a parent of young ‘uns, I felt that my first duty to my offspring was to protect their life and safety (usually from themselves!!)–all freedoms of creativity proceeded from that. My government and its media minions just weren’t doing that–they were elaborating dooloops around their own interests but with considerable NWO tweaks and flourishes.
    Since then apparently you and I have pursued similar paths. I dare to hope we have respect for first sources, and exercise critical thinking. The dark underbelly of the planetary deepstate is beyond the horrors I might have imagined but they have been factually proven to me; and that’s both heart and head discernment. Often it is from people who have firsthand experience, “eyeball cred” from people who are friends. The main evidence current for red pilling; my water is poisoned, I have to thread my way through unlabeled GMOs at the grocery store, I have seen the chemtrails daily over my porch, etc etc. And have had to forage deeper in the Internet and alternative news to find out what the hell is going on. Either my fellow citizens are remarkably incurious, nonobservant, or it’s Trance Formation. Many of the automatons I see on the telly seem to have the same windup key embedded in their personal backs–they aren’t like my friends and family. Well, Goddess love you and keep doin’ what you’re doin’. Clare

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Clare! Yes, I stopped subscribing to the New Yorker for the same reasons. Latest one to flag as yucky propaganda, for me, Netflix. Yuck! Too bad, too, because I used to love some of what it offered, and watched so much that, for awhile there, the price was definitely right!. Meanwhile, I can barely watch any “movie” these days, so wondering am I about any of the actor —s whether or not he or she is bought and paid for; I figure they usually are; so that part of my life is basically over! One mag that I have loved over the years, Community Magazine, put out by, a very worthy endeavor. Their stories were just about always multi-faceted; and the shadow aspect of whatever was going on was flagged, honored, and asking to be integrated. I have never read another magazine for as long; used to trade subs when I did Crone Chronicles, back in the 1990s; and marveled at it equally back then. So now, guess what, the last issue I received looks like it’s going to be the final issue in print. Another venerable project likely to hit the skids in the internet age.

  3. Athena says:

    I just cannot understand this Trumpian fairy tale. I keep trying, but it’s clear to me that our President is no savior, he isn’t draining the swamp at all, and how is normalizing environmental destruction any better than normalizing child abuse? I am neither red nor blue pilled. I believe in ecology, social justice, fairness and respect for all, an end to the sickening income inequality we take for granted in exchange for trinkets from China. You are a terrific writer, Ann. The New-Age-Alt-Right views you express on this blog are fascinating to me, and I so appreciate the window, but I still don’t buy the story. I think Q will turn out to be a bigger hoax than climate change, and all hell will break loose when people find out. Fasten your seat belts.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Well, we’ll just have to wait and see! But not just “wait around.” Meanwhile, let’s each of us do our part in the healing of the world.

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