“Reality show” unveils reality

For several years in my mid-30s I was married to a newspaper editor. Poor guy. During that time I kept asking him, over and over again, why the paper wasn’t seeking out good news. Of course I knew the answer, that sensationalism sells. That only bad news sticks out from the continuum. Oh?

Back then, there was no such thing as a “reality show.” Now they are ubiquitous, and their fakery makes me squirm. Notice, at the end of this video how the young good samaritan is both disappointed to find out that his new “Muslim” friend is an actor and yet warms to the occasion.

So, is he being corrupted by the amazement of finding himself “on TV”? Somehow I doubt it. His boundless spirit is even more infectious than the “reality show” virus.

This is the kind of good news that media of all kinds could be seeking out, constantly, and finding it — in reality.

And in our own real lives, we can enjoy this life of boundless spirit. Notice, for example, when you send love with a smile to a stranger passing by, how they smile back, how their eyes light up, how your heart lifts.

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