Real and Unreal Department: Our sainted Pope Francis both washes the feet of disabled and elderly AND chops up newborn babies?

Two ceremonies. One Saintly, the other Satanic? And if so, is the pope yet another MK Ultra mind-control victim? I’d like to think so. At least that would divest him of free will, so that he “knew not what he did,” and we wouldn’t be tempted to condemn him to his own hell which he says doesn’t exist. Oops! No, that’s not real, that’s a hoax, according to the National Catholic Register.

I know you’re going to think the first title below (chosen by beforeitsnews) is scream-mongering, and it is. But then, if the evidence presented at the ITTC trial in Brussels is actually true, we should all be screaming as we dismantle the Roman Catholic Church.

Church Leaders Chop Up Baby On Altar And Eat It. Pope Francis Participates.


Public Information Update from The Prosecutor’s Office of The International Common Law Court of Justice

Welcome to ITCCS.ORG and The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State | Our Mandate: (1) To bring to trial those persons and institutions responsible for the exploitation, torture and murder of children, past and present, and (2) To stop these and other criminal actions by church and state.
Posted on April 17, 2014

Bulletin No. 3: Thursday, April 17, 2014 – 10 pm GMT
In the Matter of the People v. Bergoglio, Pachon, Welby and others charged with global child trafficking and ritual murder

The Court adjourns for two weeks after the first round in the Prosecutor’s Case discloses the startling testimony of eight witnesses.

Two separate witnesses describe their alleged rape and ritual torture by chief defendant Jorge Bergoglio (alias “Pope Francis”) in 2009 and 2010.

The Chief Prosecutor establishes a link between the British, Dutch and Belgian royal families and the disappearances and killing of Mohawk children at the Church of England’s Brantford Indian residential school in Canada.

Jesuit records are introduced as evidence detailing the so-called “Magisterial Privilege” decreeing papal involvement in “Ninth Circle” ritual murder of newborn children. The same records identify Joseph Ratzinger as a member of the “Knights of Darkness” S.S. sacrificial cult during World War Two.

ITCCS Field Secretary Kevin Annett is scheduled to testify before the Court during its second round of sessions in early May to corroborate witnesses’ testimonies from his own work and experience.

(And, this is VERY interesting . . . My choice to put it in red.)

A prominent Vatican official initiates back channel communication with the Court and offers key evidence, as Magistrates consider extending closed Court sessions during May.

The Court and its affiliates will issue an Easter Proclamation this Sunday, April 20 and endorse public actions at the Vatican and Catholic churches across the world. Rev. Kevin Annett will lead a public ceremony of “exorcism and replacement” at a prominent Catholic cathedral on that day.


Now, contrast the above with the pope’s latest masterful public relations ceremony yesterday, “Holy Thursday.” Last year he washed the feet of prisoners. This year it’s the old and disabled.

Pope Francis washes, kisses feet of disabled and elderly in devotional as ‘slave’

The pope washed the feet of 12 disabled and elderly people Thursday — women and non-Catholics among them — in a pre-Easter ritual designed to show his willingness to serve others like a ‘slave.’


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