Re: Standing Rock’s cascading significance: Warnings from Derrick Jensen and John Trudell

While it’s wonderful to realize that we may be on the cusp of total transformation, a complete paradigm shift from biblical “dominion over nature” to indigenous “being a part of nature,” from “Earth belongs to us” to “We belong to the Earth,” let us remember, with Derrick Jensen that “One of the things that this culture excels at is taking any movement for justice and sanity and co-opting it into furthering the ends of this culture . . .”

“‘Sustainability’ is about sustaining this culture for a little bit longer — this culture that is killing the real world.” Including all the new renewable energy technologies . . like “sacrificing the desert to save the planet, by installing huge solar arrays in the desert.”

“This culture has long conflated itself with the real world. It’s so narcissistic that it thinks it is the world, that this culture is what needs to be sustained. We are taught from a very early age that this culture IS the world. That if this culture goes, then everything good will end. Well, I don’t think the meadow larks would think that. I don’t think the prairie dogs would think that.”

And, speaking of excavating and letting go of our cultural


in “dominion,” let’s recall Native American John Trudell’s perspective on the contrast between Religion and Spirituality.

Transformation does not imply lifting ourselves above an old world-view, but rather excavating the bowels of our unconscious collective mind of the horribly wrongheaded and ultimately eco-suicidal attitude that we are separate from Nature, that we stand above Her, that She is ours to do with what we will.

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2 Responses to Re: Standing Rock’s cascading significance: Warnings from Derrick Jensen and John Trudell

  1. rose day says:

    Ann, I often wonder if much of the confusion regarding man’s role in Nature’s
    Hierarchy stems from confusion (perhaps purposeful) relating to root differences
    between the concepts of dominion (‘of or as the Lord’) and domination (‘control’).

    This would qualify as ‘mis-application’ rather than misunderstanding as ancient wordsmiths had access to the truth of derivation, a truth unavailable to the masses for centuries. What better method of mass domination than control of ‘The Word’?

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Exactly! I was musing on the seeming similarity between “domination” and “dominion” on my walk this afternoon, but didn’t recognize what you’re pointing to here. Thanks.

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