Re: Sri Lanka Easter Sunday Terrorism: Who, and WHY?

With the Sri Lanka bombings, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Why Sri Lanka?” and tweeted that question. That was yesterday, Easter Sunday, the day the attacks took place. No one on my twitter feed responded in any way.

But then, SOTN and The Millennium Report stepped up, calling it another manifestation of Operation Gladio, and pointing to Sri Lanka’s location just off the southern tip of India. Says this multi-pronged, sophisticated, and coordinated attack, supposedly by “religious extremists,” that killed at least 300 people and injured hundreds more, was a deep state cabal warning to India, which knows how volatile the situation in Sri Lanka is, and how it could easily spread to India. But then why India? Because India, according to this article, holds the balance of power. If it joins Russia and China economically and militarily, then the jig’s up for the deep state, which has long counted on U.S. military and economic hegemony. Of course, we know the jig’s up anyway, given the now forming Saturn/Pluto conjunction ( exact January 2020) and its forewarning of the first ever Pluto Return for the U.S.A. (c.a. 2022-26).

I link their gladio perspective below. Think it’s simply “TOO conspiratorial?

If so, I’m not surprised. And there’s a part of me that sympathisizes with, even wants to nurture such innocence, which, unfortunately, can subtly, or suddenly, degenerate into into willful ignorance. Head in sand.

I think that what we need to always keep in mind is that most people are basically good. That our friends and family and neighbors and those we personally interact with on the street, in our banks, grocery stores, etc., are in the main, not only good people, but helpful and sweet. At least this is my daily experience, despite the internet financial scam I suffered not even two weeks ago —  and the story of which I have yet to tell, given that I am still processing the trauma it induced!

So, in that case, if most people ARE basically good, then why all the (msm media-promoted) violence, mayhem, death and destruction? Who starts it and why? What’s it for? When we begin to view events with these questions in mind, puzzle pieces do tend to snap into place in a certain, not at all pleasant, manner. And Gladio, for sure, has been real in the past, and if this report is correct, is still both initiating and twisting events to reflect and buttress the long held cabal plan for total control.

Want that? If not, maybe begin to take a narrative such as this one seriously enough to be at least highly possible, if not probable, when viewed in context with so much else.

GLADIO: Massive False Flag Terrorist Operation Targets Sri Lanka — Who Did It And Why?

One huge takeaway for me: The global psy-op to pit “religions” against one another, including Islam and Christianity, is all part of the cabal plan to create enough chaos so that their totally centralized New World Order — despite what appears to be Donald J. Trump’s enormous, hard-hitting, and much maligned effort to entirely dismantle and replace the globalist NWO with sovereign nation states in bi-lateral trade agreements — can clamp down into place forever.

As Raven, in a Big Dream that essentially rebooted my life, clawing my shoulders from behind  and screeching, way back in 1989: WAKE UP! IT’S TIME!

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