Re-Post of the very first post on “Exopermaculture”: “Bridging Above and Below” — seeking “to begin what may be a new discussion.”

I just found this, the original post of Exopermaculture!, from January 22, 2011, not quite three years ago. Of course I had forgotten all about it! And it only shows up when I search for “Bridging Above and Below,” even though that wasn’t its original title. Weird, or what?

Note that sometime this year I added the word “Blending” into the mix for the tag line, which now reads “Bridging/Blending Above and Below.” Seems appropriate, with visionary, spiritual, boundary-dissolving Neptune now moving deeply through its own sign, empathic, compassionate, boundary-dissolving Pisces (2012-2026).

UnknownAnd guess what? Given the quality, diversity, and and amount of commentary this site is beginning to receive, I do think/feel that we have now begun the new discussion!

Probably need to add a Forum to this site.. Will have to figure out how!

Bridging Above and Below

I would like to begin what might be a new discussion.

This is to challenge us to at least entertain the idea of exploring the interface between two languages of discourse: the practical, three-dimensional, earth-based language of permaculture and the interdimensional, extraterrestrial, solarsystemic, galactic, intergalactic, and interdimensional language of the cosmos.

I have found that when I begin to consider permaculture within Earth’s cosmic environment, my mind and heart and spirit expand to the point where I begin to float free from the membrane that keeps me tethered to Earth. Meanwhile, as I begin to view Earth-based design systems within this expanding, multidimensional perspective, what we call “natural law” — the very basis of permaculture — begins to look more like habit. In short, what I take for granted dissolves; the metaphysical ground falls out from under my feet!

Is this good? Well, it might be productive! By expanding our permacultural horizons to include that which holds the biosystem of Earth, we might be able to discover how to grow even more food and create even more harmonious communities.

Actually, there’s no way of knowing where this kind of cross-fertilization might lead. As they say, “The sky’s the limit!”

If ”permaculture” is a design system that utilizes natural laws as they are experienced on earth to create human settlements that nourish body, mind and soul, then, “exopermaculture” can be considered the larger context of permaculture, earth’s larger home.

If permaculture strives for permanent culture on earth, then exopermaculture stives to understand and enlarge the capacities for permanent culture on earth by recognizing and learning how to utilize the assumed diversity of “natural laws” that characterize various interdimensional, cosmic, interplanetary, galactic, and intergalactic realities.

This may sound like a mouthful, but remember how Findhorn started. One of its founders would regularly go into meditation in the outhouse (the only place she could get off by herself in their close little trailer), and discover what to do next. How? the nature spirits would tell her. Here’s an example of an interdimensional law generating what seemed to be a miraculous capacity for gigantic vegetables in what was formerly a barren, windy, desert land.

Here’s the experience that led me to start this blog and name it (first reposted from

I tried to finish this post yesterday in time to post it on January 22, when giant Jupiter entered fast Aries, but just wasn’t fast enough. Reality keeps slipping behind . . .

This story begins January 4th, with the first New Moon and solar eclipse of 2011. January 4th also happened to fall within the aura of the third and final Jupiter/Uranus conjunction of its 13-year cycle, a fact significant to me, as you will see.

So, to begin.

After two full years of not doing ceremony, when I woke up on January 4th I was surprised to find myself strongly impelled to dust off my tiny, handmade Peruvian rug, unfold and center it on the living room floor, and carefully arrange upon it candle, crystals and other sacred objects. Then, bowing to my impromptu altar, I sat on the floor to meditate.

Nearly three weeks have gone by since that little ceremony.

And now, today, January 22, after one full year during which Jupiter and Uranus both slogged their way through watery Pisces, Jupiter enters Aries.

Jupiter will race through Aries in less than five months, igniting both chaos and high, high creativity. Then Jupiter will settle down in June to ground the new initiatives in Taurus for one full year .

Meanwhile, in March, Promethean Uranus will also slam into fiery Aries, just as the Mayan Calendar enters its final, culminating cycle. What took billions of years, then millions of years, then thousands, hundreds, decades, mere years, will compress into just 260 days — in a yet again 20-fold time acceleration.

Can we do it? Are we prepared internally to process experience so quickly it will be as if we must pivot from one paradigm-shattering event to the next, on and on, and on? Are we resilient? Have we moved into equanimity no matter what the shock that shudders through, with no let up, no breaks, and no time to leisurely assess import?

Way back in the summer of 2010, the first conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus paralleled the Gulf Oil catastrophe and we were confronted with our sudden, drastic, empathic communion with all of life — plant, animal, and human — in, on, and around the Gulf of Mexico, its air and water currents spiraling out to contaminate the globe.

During the third and final Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, again in watery Pisces early this month of January 2011, we were confronted and confounded by the start of still ongoing bird, fish, and now even large animal kills in various locations around the globe.

Pisces symbolizes (among other things) the fluid media within which all creatures on earth are immersed. Jupiter (large) and Uranus (sudden change) together in Pisces: sudden, drastic changes of state in fluids, whether that be water, or air, or our feelings. Who knows, maybe even the composition of our blood and lymph and spinal fluids are altering . . .

(Various theories try to account for the ongoing kills. I intuitively favor the theory that an gradual pole shift is causing Earth’s magnetics to create sudden, powerful disturbances in seemingly random telluric and atmospheric pockets.)

Besides its larger, collective import, the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in late Pisces squared (occurred 90° from) my 27° Sagittarian Sun. So I knew that I needed to expect the unexpected in my own life.

During the meditation part of my January 4, New Moon/New Year 2011 ceremony, I cleared my mind into spaciousness and waited for a message. Within a very short while an inner voice whispered a single word: respond. That’s it! Just “respond,” soft, strong, and clear.

I had to admit that I was “expecting” more, even something profound. But, no. Respond? Huh?

Yet I must have unconsciously absorbed the message, because on January 12, only eight days later, I noticed that the creator of a website that I deeply admire was inviting people with writing skills and interest in the topic of extra- and interdimensional phenomena relating to the 2012 Ascension Process to join him. Instantly, with no hesitation, I responded.

His call and my response then launched a short, intense cycle of experience with this man which then, suddenly and unexpectedly, closed! — on the day of the Full Moon! — thus fulfilling the promise of the ritual.

Our partnership had seemed full of high promise. Both of us “expected” it to continue. I felt excited about the prospect of co-creating with this new partner for his website’s audience on a subject dear to my heart.

Instead, to our surprise, within one week our partnership was over.

Did I feel shocked? Yes. Surprised? Yes. Disappointed? Not really. Instead, it felt as if I had learned to pivot precisely around a single point and emerge, not only intact, but refreshed.

I had gone through that experience with enthusiasm, and apparently no attachment. Had I not gotten excited, had I remained “detached” to protect myself “in case it didn’t work out,” I wouldn’t have experienced shock; nor would I have undergone the transformation that the shock ignited.

That short cycle felt like my 2011 initiation, into a series of who knows how many other shocks, unexpected surprises, about-face reversals, during what soothsayers of all kinds predict will be a year of massive, unsettling change. The ocean of humanity’s collective unconscious is roiling with gigantic, colliding currents, and we must learn how to surf.

It helps to view experiences in terms of their cycles — and consciously appreciate each one throughout its entire process — beginning, middle and end. Usually the length of the cycle is not known beforehand. I have learned to commit to each cycle on trust, to immerse myself fully for the duration — be it three minutes, three days, three weeks, three lifetimes — who knows? It’s all good. It’s all alive.

For I have learned that only when a cycle has closed can I stop to breathe in the full flavor. For its gestalt or pattern does not click into place until the circle closes. And even then, of course, as time goes on any experiential cycle embeds within larger and larger experiential cycles, all of which continuously morph in meaning. Nothing stays still. The frameworks that we use to order experiences pop, and pop again.

During that one very engaging week I learned that I am to help forge a conscious bridge between certain individuals and groups, both of whom are at the leading edge of human consciousness, but whose fields of awareness have, so far, been polarized. Let’s call these fields, for short, “above” and “below.”

The above: I include here those who are aware that we are not alone, that Earth is being constantly visited by extra-terrestrial and interdimensional visitors, most of whom are waiting an invitation to help, and in fact are already helping to ameliorate the damage we have done, and to ultimately transform this planet into a veritable Garden of Eden.

The below: I include here those who work to understand and practice the principles of permaculture as applied to both earth and human communities (including the Transition movement), and who assume that we humans are alone in a mighty and valiant struggle for survival on a planet that we have ruined.

Many of the “above” people, with their heads in the clouds, want to think that ETs will save us, if we can just be patient and trusting, and hold out until formal disclosure of their presence.

Many of the permaculture people “below” keep their noses to the ground, while focusing with unusual energy and creativity in concert with nature to ensure that at least a remnant of humanity survives.

Both “above” people and “below” people realize our planetary situation is drastic, and both experience fear. Those who are aware of their own inner processes (and that includes the more evolved in both “above” and “below” groups) work to transform this fear internally, lest they become part of the problem. They know that fear constricts, and that when fear recedes, love abides. They know that the alternatives are stark: separation, or oneness.

To create a bridge between the “above” and the “below” in this context is to shift from separation to oneness.

The “above” people see Earth in her cosmic context, and long to commune with the stars and our galactic visitors (or to observe and hear about others doing so), all while waiting for Ascension that supposedly arrives in either October 2011 or December 2012. The “below” people don’t have time for such absurd nonsense; they argue that only hard, unrelenting, creative, intelligent work, on the ground and in our communities, might turn the situation around — if its not already too late!

For years now, I’ve focused in both directions, feeling internally split. On the one hand, I was attending UFO congresses and devouring channeled and ET material on the internet; on the other hand I was busy doing, organizing, and promoting permaculture.

Though my inner work — especially via daily tai chi and yogic practices — has resulted in a sense of my body/mind/spirit as an antenna linking heaven and earth, I had yet to translate that vertical hook-up into “real world” activities. Instead, while talking out loud about permaculture, I have been privately preoccupied with the cosmos.

So now, all that changes. Thanks to a week-long cycle with a wonderful fellow to whom I responded, I became highly aware of this split within myself, and vowed to bridge it, heal it.

Jupiter entered Aries today, January 22, to be joined by Uranus in that sign on March 13, four days past the beginning of the final 20-times-faster, only 260-day Mayan cycle on March 9 that ends in October 28, this year. These shifts ultimately auger the brilliant ignition of a creative fire that will fuel humanity until Uranus leaves Aries, in 2018.

Many new initiatives begin roll out. Here’s one: Stay tuned.

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  1. jjsanto1962 says:

    “(Various theories try to account for the ongoing kills. I intuitively favor the theory that an gradual pole shift is causing Earth’s magnetics to create sudden, powerful disturbances in seemingly random telluric and atmospheric pockets.)”

    I highly recommend, ‘The 12th Planet’, by Zecheria Sitchin, Ann. On page 401 it reads, ” An important key to unlocking the puzzle of the Deluge is the realization that it was not a single, sudden event, but the climax of a chain of events. Unusual pestilences affecting man and beast and a severe drought preceded the ordeal by water – a process that lasted, according to the Mesopotamian sources, seven passings, or, sar’s. These phenomena could be accounted for only by major climatic changes.”

    Since we are definitely in the middle ( if not late ) stages of climatic change I would think that these changes will result in even more catastrophic changes for humanity. These are obviously signs that we have either been ignoring or not understanding thereof.

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