RE-MEMBER: Though we may appear deeply divided, AWAKE, OR ASLEEP, WE ARE ALL ONE.

I was lucky. I awakened from the cultural trance when I was 26 years old — and never looked back.

Okay, here goes. This will be a long post.

Even before I picked up today’s local paper, I knew what would be in it. Reactions to IU’s decision to require the vax for everyone who teaches, works or studies there. Of course, I thought, most people will be thrilled with this new draconian rule! At last, they can relax, take off their masks, and hug each other again, go to class in person again. All worthy things to be happy about.

Yep, the article occupied the same space as that from yesterday, and reported reactions were as I expected.

I did see however ,way down in today’s article, two people who objected: one, a parent, because she just doesn’t trust this vaccine, and when she called, was told that an exemption form would be available in June. (However, in another article in today’s paper, I read that “The exemptions will be strictly limited, for a “very narrow set of criteria, including medical and documented and significant religious exemptions.”)

Geez! I’m reminded of the Vietnam War,  how my male cohorts with low draft numbers were forced to either escape to Canada or eat horrible stuff long enough for medical tests to show them ineligible for conscription.

The other objection in today’s paper was even more telling, given the university’s focus on money: one alumnus, who donates about $2000 per year to various IU organizations, “said he would stop donations to the university . . . sharing similar concerns (as the woman mentioned above) of long-term effects of the vaccine.”

So, at least two people have actually managed to break from the matrix indoctrination we have all been subjected to over the last century, and that has attempted to transform us from thoughtful citizens into compliant workers and greedy consumers.

You might want to watch this in its entirety.

The “relativism” mentioned in the above video, which applied to structures we used to automatically learn and observe in human constructions like spelling and math (and, I imagine, grammar), have now been squashed, in the interests of student “creativity.” However, notice: the relative permanence of structure has instead been transferred to authorities, experts, who instruct the parents what is good for their child. This includes psychological testing that results in most students being put on psychoactive drugs to “cure” their so-called mental imbalances or deficiencies. Yeah, Big Pharma at work, early on, in everyone’s life.

All this has come about since behaviorism became the dominant psychological theory, enabling students to be treated like rats in a maze, with stimulus/response “educating” them as to what is real, what is normal, what they are allowed to think, and say, and do.

Meanwhile, relativism in education has also seeped into ethics, so that moral relativism rules.

Remember the Ten Commandments? I’d say that, aside from jealous Yahweh insisting on his sovereignty over all, commandments five through ten are still very much worth following.

All of them can be summarized by the Golden Rule:

The Golden Rule, notice, implies that the other is also a self, with the same rights and responsibilities.

Thus does the notion of relatively unchanging structure (i.e., not relativism) still operate in our world (or it could, should).

Meanwhile, how about digging a bit deeper, and seeing one’s own life in a wider context? Once we do, we are likely, at some point, to come upon some variant of this list, which way supersedes the Ten Commandments.


Notice Law 12: Yes, two genders, from time immemorial, no matter woke culture’s decision to smear this universal polarity to the point where confusion reigns.

To the above Rules Santa Surfing adds:


Finally, I betcha this little girl, who here instructs adults on the tortuous idiocy of masks, is home-schooled, and thus relatively free of social indoctrination. Go to telegram to actually hear what she says.

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