Re: Comey firing, again. Rappoport weighs in with hilarious metaphor, plus Putin and Lavrov

The metaphor: tiny boats, all with signs, churning at cross purposes through stormy seas, each one screaming “HERE’S WHY TRUMP FIRED COMEY!!!”

Trump Fires Comey: Spin Doctors Go Wild in the Swamp

Meanwhile, Putin was interrupted by CBS while playing hockey:

Regaled in Hockey Attire, Vladimir Putin Comments on the Firing of James Comey 

Oh but hey, I saved the best for last. Lavrov, at the White House with Trump, today, on the most potent Full Moon of the year. From the looks of things, the two nations really are working together, and not even behind the scenes anymore. Hmmmm. Does that mean Russia did interfere with the U.S. election? That some of us would assume so is ironic, he says, given our “highly developed political system.” That remark was obviously ironic.

Lavrov Scoffs at America’s “Humilitating Situation.”

Meanwhile, lots of laughs today. A good sign for the future.

Lavrov Press Conference Live Feed…


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