Re: Citizens United and the NDAA: Is the tide about to turn?

When I lived at the beach, I used to sit and watch the tide, longing to attune myself with the ocean’s momentous power and mystery so fully that I could feel the exact moment when the tide turned.

I would love to do the same thing with the current tidal movement into a police state. In this vein, here are two possible pieces of coming good news that, if they are successful, might signal the turning of the tide of the disastrous national (corporatist, cabalistic) end-game policies of the past two years.

These are:

1. the Supreme Court has announced that it will reconsider Citizens United.

2. A NEW BILL IN CONGRESS REPEALS NDAA Sections1021 and 1022.

I suggest that we imagine ourselves collectively sitting on an ocean beach, attuning to a momentous, and seemingly miraculous, tidal shift in human and planetary affairs that will lift us into communion — with the ocean, with Earth, with each other, with the cosmos.

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