Ray McGovern, on Empire and Whistleblowers

Via SueM, or was it Rose? Can’t remember, and can no longer locate email. When I think about how much I forget . . . but then I remember that I used to not have to remember so much, during the olden days, when both the rate of events and our connectivity was much slower and scarcer. So I forgive myself and everybody for these strange signal interruptions that blank out everything for a split second or two, and then leave me changed. Memories erased. Technological glitches seems to mirror my mental snaps. These past few days, for example, terrible connectivity on internet, mostly due to new solar system on roof, and all sorts of wires got crossed, both outside and inside me! Hopefully fixed by tomorrow.

P.S. I haven’t watched this yet, but Ray McGovern is a man to be trusted.

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