R.I.P. Gore Vidal: Interview about Imperial America on Democracy Now

“Rest in Peace, dear Gore” by Mr. Fish, truthdig.com.

Actually, I can’t imagine Vidal “resting in peace.” More likely, he’s agitating with his usual wit, bite, erudition, and wisdom — from the other side.

Vidal was a true elder. Rare, in this so-called “democracy.”

This interview, uploaded to youtube in August 2011, was apparently recorded sometime during the Bush Administration. And while some things have changed since, Imperial America has only gotten more bloated.

Vidal’s first words to Amy Goodman, after she introduces him: “Thank you! This is probably my first encounter in the United States with democracy. And I’ve lived a long time. . . . and I feel free! The way one should in a democracy.”

“We are a world empire, hated by all, not the least by our own people, since we don’t have money left for anything.”

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