Question: What environmental change would shift us all?

Answer: A shift in the magnetic field?

According to this video, this shift is climaxing now, in mid-2013, impulsed by, not only our Sun and Galactic Center, but by a gigantic plasma ray, which since 2004 is being pulled into Sagittarius A, and, by the time it is over (when? doesn’t say) will send gigantic waves of various kinds streaming towards and through the Galactic Center and our Sun, and Earth, and us. True? Not sure what this all means (or even if I summarized it accurately), but it supposedly connects right brain to pineal gland to DMT to heart intelligence to a collective evolutionary shift that will carry us all with it except for the still fearful ones who hold tight to what we already know and refuse its marvelous initiation.

Interesting. Thanks to americankabuki.

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