Question to Osho: “Is it possible to die a conscious death?”

Since this is my goal, and has been my ultimate goal for at least 50 years, I found this Osho video utterly riveting. A wonderful follow-up to the last post, and one which I am so grateful to have “accidentally” run across while preparing that one!

Just yesterday, I was telling a friend about this end-game goal of mine, “to die consciously.” At first, the idea made him uncomfortable, or it seemed to. “Death” does that. But he rallied, and we ended up being able discuss, together, the convoluted medical monstrosities that have sprung hydra-headed from our massive cultural fear of death, and our (or at least my) need to not participate in these monstrosities when I let go.

Every word in Osho’s precisely calibrated response to this question feels to me like a stone, heavy but buoyant, swirling into an ocean of mystery.

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  1. Joseph Manuppello says:

    Thank you for this video. Do you know of any credible accounts of conscious death? I recently found one, remembered from my youth: The video is a clip from a 1970s documentary film series called Ring of Fire by Lawrence and Lorne Blair. It recounts the death of the Balinese artist I Gusti Nyoman Lempad at the age of 116 years.

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