It seems clear that Q (who has just returned, with three short hopium? posts after one full month away), does know about extraterrestrial visitors and Secret Space Programs to counter them.

As one who is fascinated with both the relativity and variety of human belief systems and of subcultures that hold them, I wonder just how many UFO conferences I’ve attended over the years. Not sure, but at least eight or nine altogether, and the last one was only a few months ago. And what have I learned from these many adventures in both consciousness and sociology? That I know nothing for sure. And:  that “reality” is no doubt beyond my wildest imagination.

Which makes me appreciate this long, deeply-researched neonrevolt post, where he too, remains “skeptical,” not about the fact that something is going on, but about the fact that he has no idea what’s real and what isn’t.

Oh, and BTW: When I mentioned in yesterday’s post that both the CIA snd the hierarchical command structure of the Pentagon were established in 1947 (the year of an earlier rare Saturn/Pluto conjunction), I neglected to mention the most glaring event of that year, Roswell, which in fact, at least according to neonrevolt, was what prompted the creation of the CIA.

Majestic 12, the Secret Space Program, and The Wilson Memo, Deeper Disclosures with #NEONREVOLT, #QAnon, #Great Awakening

BTW: Given his drum rolls for the Space Force, I do think Trump’s recent noncommittal remark about UFOs should be considered trolling. Especially, after also saying that he will be paying attention, and that Stephanopolous “will be the first to know.” I’m surprised he didn’t reassuringly pat George on the back!

Either that, or it could be that his focus on the pilots who have seen things as the ones to pay attention to, and not his own opinion, may be a crafty political move. In which case, typical of him.


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  1. Hi Ann, I don’t think Q’s recent posts are “hopium” though I do agree that they were likely made to diffuse the usual attacks concerning Q being a LARP whenever long absences from posting occur.

    More than likely the posting (and brevity) were driven by Q needing to reassure the community that Q’s still around while NOT giving info ammo to the ones in the crosshairs for punishment.

    In addition there seems to have been setbacks from earlier Q time markers related to Haspel and Wray’s lack of cooperation with the IG. That lack of cooperation likely triggered Barr’s request to POTUS to give Barr the authority to get stuff unredacted.

    I do believe we’ll start seeing some action soon, hence the recent posts. Certainly something must be done to derail the Dem’s plot to secure ammo against Trump from Weissmann (under pretext of forcing Mueller who knows NOTHING – to testify).

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Agree with all this, and yet want to acknowledge the doubts some may be feeling also. Thanks Gillian, for spelling so much out.

  2. Anthony says:

    Hi Anne!

    Remember that woman you wrote about some time back who you had heated discussions with, but who asked you the next day if you were still friends?

    Well, here’s hoping that will apply here! As usual, I see things about 180 degrees from you on some issues, and I feel it is my duty to make you aware of

    some of these things so that you can see both sides of the argument.

    Remember what I said about “Q” when we first met last September? Well, my viewpoint hasn’t changed that it’s a “shiny bauble” meant to distract from the

    true aims of those advocating “Q”. Here’s a good article by Caitlin Johnstone on “Q”:


    And Neon Revolt, who you mention here? He has recently “outed” “Praying Medic”, one of the first “Q” proponents:


    And, he also outed JZ Knight (Ramtha), InTheMatrixxx and Shadygroove – all “Q” proponents:


    It’s never a good thing when those who support a movement begin to eat each other…

    You have heard before, “watch what they DO, not what they SAY”, right? Well lookie here what has happened while we had our eyes glued on Iran, Q, Mueller

    etc. – Putin and Xi holding hands over building a 5G network (China already is under lockdown with their “social credit score” system; they were the Beta

    test for total digital control):


    And what did Trump do? Why, he is doing all he can to expedite the process (and here in Sacramento where I live, the city council is being hammered by the

    populace to cease and desist – but they are being absolutely ignored):

    https://libertyhangout.org/2018/01/donald-trump-sells-endorses-nationalized-5g-internet-service/ (scroll down to read)

    Also, Trump is now affecting as many as hundreds of millions of people world-wide with his starvation sanctions (and I believe that the weather we are

    seeing here in the USA and around the world, destroying crops everywhere, is INTENTIONAL. Don’t forget what I do for a living and what I discovered):


    But it won’t matter soon, as America is in its death throes – and the BRICS will soon own the world’s reserve currency – just in time to implement it after

    the 5G rollout so we can all use our new, completely controlled, digital cryptocurrencies:



    In the end, I trust that Caitlin Johnstone is right – don’t trust the swamp to drain the swamp:


    Now, on aliens…in a future post I will share more, but I will say this: I have read enough to know that if any of them were to land any time soon and

    ask me to join them on their ships – even if the Earth beneath me were about to be blown to bits – I would tell them:


    Have a nice day!!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I replied to you via email, when you thought the above comment didn’t go through. Anyway, thanks for all these links, well worth pursuing. If you recall, I have a feeling that the future will be determined by just how open each of us as an individual, and all of us collectively, are to regeneration. If we take a cynical stance, that future is likely what we will get. If we take a stance that moves towards transformation, then that will be the likely future. Re: Donald Trump, for example: the one crucial question is, Is his heart open? I think it is.

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