Putin’s Speech to the Group of Eight

Putin dresses down the Group of Eight — Syrian Free Press

Putin dresses down the Group of Eight — Syrian Free Press

Now that its all over the MSM news that Edward Snowden is to apply for (temporary?) asylum in Russia, despite Putin’s warning not to do anything further to harm the U.S. if he wants to say there, and remarking, “as odd as it might sound from me,” here’s a speech from Putin that the MSM didn’t cover, from Paul Craig Roberts, Thanks to philosophers-stone.co.uk.

Putin Dresses down the Group of Eight

After discussing knotty complexities of each Mideast country in turn, Putin focuses his laser beam on Syria:

“You want Russia to abandon Asad and his regime and go along with an Opposition whose leaders don’t know anything except issuing fatwas declaring people heretics, and whose members – who come from a bunch of different countries and have multiple orientations – don’t know anything except how to slaughter people and eat human flesh. You use double standards and approach the crisis in Syria using summer and winter styles under one roof. You lie to your own peoples so as to further your interests. This is none of our business. But it is impermissible for you to lie to us and to the countries and peoples of the world, because the international stage is no longer yours alone. Your ability to monopolize it the way you did two decades ago is now gone for good.” (A.K.: my emphasis)

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