Purgation 2020: At the bottom of everything lies our old, buried grief

The BIG stories, as the second to last week of Red October begins, seem to be focused mainly on to what Rudy Giuliani calls the Biden Crime Family, and how Hunter was used to get millions for the family, with 50% of everything going to The Big Guy, his father Joe.

But notice: The Hunter laptop scandal was dropped only days after the Benghazi/Seal Team 6 scandal. As a distraction? Because the latter scandal includes more, way more, than the other. Or does it? As Trump says:

In any case, during this astonishing year when everything that secretly buried is being exhumed, I’d much rather focus on what’s good in life, and how to enhance it further, by working through, locally, whatever stuck stuff is in OUR lives.

Fractal Focus on Our Common Reality

For example: the drat kitchen sink here, still plugged! We’ve tried all sorts of things, but nothing has worked. So far. Called our usual plumber this morning, but can’t get here until October 29th! But what’s really amazing, is that not only does the sink hardly bother me at all, but it intrigues me no end! And the three of us who live here are having a hilarious time trying to figure it out, doing various things that might unplug it, etc. Plus, since we live in Green Acres Village, we can schlepp our dishes next door, and that house has an actual dishwasher!

What interests me most, is how this stuck kitchen sink drama is such a hilarious example of my most profound principle (not kidding . . .): WHAT WE ARE DOING ON THIS PLANET IS MOVING STUFF AROUND. With a corollary: AND IT’S ALWAYS AN EXCUSE FOR RELATIONSHIP!

What better metaphor for yucky stuck stuff inside each of us, in politics, in the whole culture, than this stubborn kitchen sink? The suppurating, intensely powerful Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto stellium in Capricorn 2020 signifies THE time for purgation, eruption, boiling, roiling to the surface where it can be seen — of all the dark, evil, rotting gunk that has been held back, hidden, secreted below, including pedophilia and SRA, which, apparently, Hunter Biden also engaged in, in China, with Chinese little girls and  Chinese photographers watching! Perfect setup for longterm blackmail. Not just sex with little girls, but torture.

Is the MSM covering any of this? Nope; thereby outing themselves as part of the political/ cultural corruption. Same with social media. Facebook, youtube, and twitter, supposedly neutral platforms, are revealing themselves as actual publishers, their editors now censoring alternative sites that DO want to report actual news.

Remember, letting go of the old is preparation for the new: CONSCIOUS DYING engenders new life.

My old friend and former neighbor Julia, who now lives in California, messaged me on fb this morning with an announcement of a very interesting online conference — an example of how to work with the 2020 drama creatively:

Because I think it’s true. At the bottom of absolutely everything is our old, buried grief.



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  1. rose day says:

    So Many Questions

    Ann, thank you for sharing this information . . . as hard as it is to take all of this in, it is becoming more and more apparent that ‘not-knowing’ has allowed abuse of every kind to thrive for ages and the on-going worldwide trafficking of very small children is particularly disturbing.

    The collective WE cannot address that of which we are unaware and questions abound regarding the the possiblity of decades of subversion of information related to the horrors of child trafficking . . .

    *Who funds and manages the logistics of capture, transfer and maintenance of trafficked children?

    *Who facilitates the exchange of payment for the enterprise of child-trafficking?

    *How have child-traffickers managed to escape detection and prosecution for decades?

    The entire trafficking issue begs an encompassing (and by no means final) question . . . has the general populace been deliberately uninformed on the subject of human trafficking in general and specifically as the subject relates to trafficking children as young as infants and toddlers?

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