Psychiatry-and-the-State Department: Are Veterans the New Bogeymen?

Update August 25: Check out this new post, from Veterans Today:

Secret Psyc Ward Renditions – USMC Sgt. Brandon Raub Was Just One of Many

Note: you might want to read my first post on this subject, from yesterday.

Brandon Raub: Latest victim of unexamined fusion between psychiatry and the state

Given the alternative press attention the controversial Drake Bailey, a Vietnam Vet, received a few months ago regarding his “mass arrests” scenario — how all the freedom-loving, gun-toting, retired military and other patriots are/were going to rise up to help the U.S. military overthrow the cabal — I’m not surprised to sniff a new malodorous scent in the wind regarding traumatized veterans as unbalanced, likely to go crazy.

See, for example:

US Veterans Suffering From Head Trauma May Become Violent and Dangerous, Says DoD

Suzanne Posel, who wrote the above piece, then investigated further, and found:

The Manufactured US Veteran Threat Against Obama That Will Justify Martial Law

Here’s the first sentence:

“Forget about al-Qaeda and state-sponsored radicalized Muslims, the newest Boogeyman that the US government wants the American public to fear are our own US veterans.”

This begins to make sense, when you consider that the Wisconsin shooter was an ex-army, former psyops specialist who supposedly, “went on a rampage.”

Then, add in the case of Brandon Raub, ex-marine, arrested for facebook posts, and now, thankfully, released:

Brandon Raub latest victim of unexamined fusion between psychiatry and the state

— and add in this post, just in:

Another Veteran Raided & His Firearms Confiscated – Must Appear Before Judge For Mental Evaluation/Alert

— and you may begin to grok why I wrote that post that featured Thomas Szasz.

Veterans be aware!

To put this all in perspective, only two generations ago, women in my grandmother’s generation were often locked up in mental wards, given drugs, shock treatments and even lobotomies, for weeks, months, even years at at a time. Remember Zelda Fitzgerald, whose “tempestuous” nature landed her in a mental institution?

My own grandmother on my mother’s side, apparently, though nobody wants to talk about it, spent some time in one of these places. And an aunt on my father’s side, as I recall (details so hazy! why?) was judged somehow unfit at an early age and put away.

Here in Bloomington, a friend of mine tells me his mother was in and out of mental hospitals for much of her young married life, and that she finally came home with a lobotomy. After that, he tells me, she was always nice though somewhat dull and robotic (I paraphrase). At one point, he showed me records from one of her lock-ups, the sessions she had with the psychiatrists there. Her apparent disassociation from her own life.

The state has long been in the business of making sure that everybody conforms to some narrow range of behavior. It’s up to us to expand that range, and to become so aware of efforts to demonize individuals and groups of any kind that each time the threat to do so arises, the light of our illumination burns it up.

We are all equal, we are all equally valuable, and we all deserve equal opportunity to both live our lives in peace and plenty, and to express our beautiful natures so completely that by the end of our sojourns here in these 3D bodies we will be feel utterly complete, whole, and united with all that is.

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