Presidential Selection Chronicles: How I live with this insanity

Just so you know: I didn’t watch even two seconds of the Republican National Convention. It would have made me too depressed, or irritated, or furious. Instead, I watched Colbert and Jon Stewart eviscerate our political process — and laughed my ass off. Which, BTW, is a political strategy preferred by those who have awakened.


Hey, and guess what? While I hear there was a shitload of ugly racist and otherwise divisive rants at the Repub fest, nobody died! Chaos contained! Inside the dome of the Quicken Loans Arena! Hey, anybody else find that name unbelievably hilarious? Get your big loans, quick, all you flailing, flatulent, fiat money mongers!

As for the upcoming Demo Convention, I doubt I’ll watch that one either. Or maybe I will, just to see what becomes of Bernie delegates and whether or not Hillary will pick someone odious for VP. I did read through the following piece, an articulate historical summation of why, in this year’s (s)election, there is no “lesser of two evils.” Via Rose.

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Oh yeah, and see this. I do think HIllary won’t be able to get away with her shenanigans much longer, since the ongoing Mars scouring Scorpio transit hits her natal chart in a very powerful way.

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