Preparing for Hildegard Festival

10392259_1158463507527024_3923146519518407944_nI am busy this week preparing my powerpoint presentation for the coming weekend’s Hildegard Festival, where I will concentrate on her medieval philosophical roots and her Mystic Visionary Above/Below Ecological Cosmology. Meanwhile, I can’t help but riff also on the conundrums of how her Epistemology (her claim to be speaking for God) and her psychology (not always selfless) interact, my reading of her Astrological Chart, and, as an acute observer of how Nature actually works, her Proto-Permacultural tendencies. An amazing woman!

quote-everything-that-is-in-the-heavens-on-earth-and-under-the-earth-is-penetrated-with-connectedness-hildegard-of-bingen-58-45-87 quote-with-nature-s-help-humankind-can-set-into-creation-all-that-is-necessary-and-life-sustaining-hildegard-of-bingen-76-45-16




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