Post-Trump/Kim Summit: Considerations

Con-sider: to go with the stars.

As much as I would love to show you the astrological chart of Kim Jong Un, unfortunately, not only do we not know the time, but we aren’t sure of the date either. January 8, either 1983 or 1984.

And without a sure date (and time), I can’t thoroughly compare Trump’s chart to Kim’s, which would help in comprehending their connection.

However, even knowing Kim’s Sun, at 17° Capricorn, is instructive, as it forms one of those Triangles of Continuous Growth that I spoke of in my original post on this summit last night, before it occurred.  The triangle is formed with Trump’s Jupiter, at 17° Libra, and his Uranus, at 17° Gemini. Once again, there’s a difficult square (Capricorn to Libra), a harmonious trine (Libra to Gemini) and a subtle, adjusting inconjunct (Gemini to Capricorn). All aspects exact.

Trump’s chart:

The connection between them does seem to have been almost immediate. I was watching the stage for what seemed like hours,

 when all of a sudden they both emerged from opposite sides and moved towards shaking hands.

Whereapon, just exactly at that moment, housemate Dan entered my room to announce that he had found five more ticks on his body after a walk in the woods. Now ordinarily, I would have stopped what I was doing, stunned, and ready to offer solace. (Dan is very fearful of tick-borne diseases. I keep telling him to build up his immune system.)

But not this time. I completely brushed him off, as if he himself was a tick upon my psyche, interrupting this historic moment when two alpha males, one more than twice as old, experienced, and eight inchestaller than the other, met and shook hands. To me, they both felt somewhat tense, entirely aware of the historic nature of the meeting, but utterly willing. And of course, Trump then put his hand on Kim’s arm (signifying dominance, say the body language folks), but before it was done, Kim had quickly put his hand on Trump’s arm in response.

Trump then signalled that it was time to walk. Kim turned and they both headed towards the cameras. Then there was another moment, and this one already held more of a feeling of warmth, of connectedness. I do think that they truly are viewing themselves as brothers (again, see last night’s post), with Kim as the younger, Trump as the elder. And with this kind of relationship, what cannot be accomplished?

Here’s the sabian symbol for Kim’s 17-18° Capricorn Sun:


And here’s author James Burgess extended “sufi” interpretation:


Alone we are at the mercy of forces greater than any individual can defend against. The social/political structures that act as an umbrella are there, in part, to protect us.

Weaving the fabric of a national flag is done day-to-day through matters of ordinary commerce and friendly interactions. The exchange of goods, services and attention is a very powerful binding force.

Wealth and power are greatly multiplied when individuals pull together – there are high rewards for common effort, which go well beyond the fundamental expediency of defence against dangers from nature and politics.

Sadly, there is a tendency for the powerful and wealthy to become bullies, using strong-arm tactics to take what is not freely given. Empires rise and fall, and the background atmosphere of today’s living is made threatening because of their aggressive competition. The rewards are so high that the temptation for degenerate behaviour is too much.

Nevertheless the permanent imprint of nationalism and hegemony exists as a modernising and very sought-after reality. Everyone’s reach has been expanded, everyone’s life touched and mostly softened by its inevitable commercial and technological ramifications.

The price to be paid for being a member of any group is always freedom. To be protected by the Union Jack means that British forces of law supervise our lives.

There is ever the risk of hubris, and it is often true that citizens of the current world masters become smug – whether Roman, English or American. It is food for thought that the enjoyment of this ugly quality has its own price – the smug are never free.


A Indian man created this monumental sand sculpture the day before the summit. Notice here too, they are depicted as equals. Which reminds me of Trump’s Jupiter, the planet of largess and generosity, in Libra, the sign of diplomacy, relationship between equals.

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4 Responses to Post-Trump/Kim Summit: Considerations

  1. Kieron says:

    Interesting. One caveat that I think we should recall is that the people of N Korea have been brought up to hate Americans because of the US’s actions during the Korean War. North Korea instigated the war by crossing into South Korea, but the US reacted by carpet bombing them for about 3 years straight. The US also dropped napalm on civilians, wiped out 3 million of them, and reportedly left no building standing by the time the armistice was declared (and the war was never declared officially over). How many Americans know this, or care? Air Force Gen. Curtis LeMay, head of the Strategic Air Command during the Korean War, is quoted: “we killed off … 20 percent of the population” He went on, “We went over there and fought the war and eventually burned down every town in North Korea.” Even Gen. MacArthur reportedly wanted to level the country in 10 days. Here’s one source:

    So yeah, they remember, whereas author Barbara Kingsolver has described Americans as “the people in love with forgetting.”

    Interestingly, the month of June is apparently designated as “The struggle against US Imperialism” in North Korea so the timing of this summit is quite remarkable.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks for this. Yes, Americans do seem to be in love with forgetting the atrocities we have introduced and maintained all over the world, with some countries, like Korea, getting even more hammered. And I think the forgetting is tied in to Americans still thinking/hoping/believing that this nation is “exceptional.” Trump’s view, America First, can be torqued to that same perception, though he also says every nation should put its own nation first. I.e., dismantle globalism. In this he is aligned with Putin, who also puts Russia first.

      A good first step.

      I await the day when we can put our own localities first, then network with other localities in bioregions, on out to larger territories, but always, with the “power” moving from the bottom up.

    • I really do appreciate what you have shared here. However, most of those who endured this have passed over. When just common survival here has been underseige by their own leader, it could be a welcome relief to open up the country to something new.

      I agree, we aren’t always the bringer of good news. But sometimes we are. Although I didn’t see much in his 4 statements, it’s a crack in the door.

      Have a good one

      • Kieron says:

        Agreed, it’s an opening for perhaps something better to come through. The stalemate has gone on long enough.

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