Post-Summit: Reverberations in Media

I wondered how the Trump/Kim Summit success would affect the huge divide in this country regarding the phenomenon of Donald Trump. Will those who hate him continue? Or will they begin to soften their antipathy. Well, the jury’s not in, but I do see that the chasm I noticed earlier between the views of my fb “friends” and those I choose to follow on twitter still yawns wide and deep. By and large, both sides are still stuck; filled with righteous rage, they look down on each other with contempt.

It’s obviously not one-sided, this alt-epistemological struggle. I too, have to keep reining myself in, lest my own emotional disgust with those who continue to reflexively hate Trump get the better of me. Keep in mind, all you Trump-haters: I AGREE WITH YOU that his attitude towards the environment is horrifying. I’ve said more than once that this man needs to walk barefoot in the forest for awhile to even begin to get a sense of the sensuous complexity and interdependence of all living systems. He wants to “Make America Great Again,” by which he means strip environmental protections so that industry can again contaminate earth, air and water. For him, the issue is the Great American blue-collar worker, who has been stripped of his or her ability to work hard for a decent living, given the way industry has fled to the third world in order to turn a profit.

He’s still an uber-capitalist, and for me, capitalism is still the problem. (Not that communism, socialism, is any better: both come down too hard one one side of the dynamic paradox that unites individual and community.) But meanwhile, we need to recognize his priority as valid from his point of view. First things first. And first is that people need to be able to earn enough money to feel materially secure.

And while his foreign policy is the other area where at times he seems completely crazy, on the other hand, given what just happened with Kim, I’m beginning to recognize that Trump really may be playing 4- or 5-D chess.

Yesterday, I looked in the liberal alt-media to see if there might be an editorial about-face that might now begin to support Trump, given what just went down, and came across Robert Scheer, of truthdig. Grateful.

A Victory for Sanity in World Politics

Truthdig also just published this:

How Corporate Media Got the Trump-Kim Summit All Wrong

BTW: If you haven’t yet seen the CNN interview with Dennis Rodman, do. I had no idea that Rodman has been attempting, single-handedly, to bring the U.S. and North Korea together for five whole years, and that when he took his message to President Obama from North Korea, that they would be willing to talk, “he just blew me off.” That this interview was on mainstream CNN is another good sign of a possible shift in the collective atmosphere.


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  1. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    Hi, Ann,

    Do you check into It is my go-to site for deeply researched analysis and commentary by veteran investigative journalists with impeccable credentials, who don’t toe the corporate media line. This article, for this subject:


    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Actually, this was one of the pieces that I reposted in this morning’s post, though I sourced it from truthdig, for which it was originally written. Thanks for reminding me of consortium news, however; I look at it, and then I forget! Habit-bound, here. Will add it to my regular go-to list.

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