Post-Solstice, Day One: Heart lifting walk, reflection on our visitors, both ET and South Carolina

This morning on our walk the dogs and I met at least four people with their own dogs, and stopped to talk and sniff with each of them. Then, passing by a restaurant, a workman apologized for all the cleaning equipment on the sidewalk. I laughed, said, “No problem, they like it!” He responded, “Obstacle course, eh?” exactly what I was thinking. I continue to be amazed that in this age of supposed hatred between competing ideologies, my actual encounters with neighbors, friends, and strangers continue to be full and open. Each one lifts my heart. So grateful!

Yesterday evening’s Solstice Ceremony required lots of decisive, quickly moving changes, including sudden changes in just who was conducting the ceremony and, in the background, perhaps the same thunderstorm referenced in the wonderful post below. Several times, during excruciatingly appropriate moments in our ceremony, Thunder spoke, loud and clear: YES!

A Most Exceptional Solstice Visitation

I’ll put up a post with photos re: our Green Acres Village Summer Solstice Dinner and Celebration soon. Meanwhile, let me say that our CE-5 group met last Saturday evening out in the usual rural spot with big skies in nearby Brown County, and were treated to many wonders. Especially flashing, strong but short-lived flashing from lights in the sky (not airplane or satellite or helicopter) many of them centered around the Big Dipper, with one inside the bowl of the Dipper itself. Lots of oohs and aahs from the nine of us laying back on our lawn chairs (here’s what mine looks like) in a rough circle, craning our necks in various directions and calling to each other what we see, with Jeff, our dear (and very knowledgeable) host, pointing his laser in that direction.

This kind of obviously telepathic communion with visitors from beyond (within?) makes me feel safe, grounded, and deeply, fully alive. Jeff said that this month’s visit was one of the ten strongest  since he started these monthly occasions in 2009. Whew! And again, grateful.

One photo from last night, of young Coby, Payton’s brother, who is visiting for the week from South Carolina. Great kid! Felt right at home here. And he’s obviously what rat terrier Hank needs, someone to play with.  Close in age to Mariella’s Asiri.  They invited Coby over to splash in The Aunties’ pool this  Saturday.



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