Post New Moon in Taurus: Notice the Growing Push Back to Globalist Agenda

Yesterday’s New Moon: I sense that whatever happens during this next month will grow slowly and inexorably, grounding itself deeper and deeper into the collective psyche, to the point where Love will begin to overcome Fear. This post provides examples, starting with . . . are you surprised?

Search <DeSantis gateway pundit> and you’ll have all you need to recognize this amazing Florida Governor as the wayshower for us all. Examples:

Meanwhile, Corey’s Digs broadens perspective to discover just how much bottom-up decentralized power is beginning to take effect, enumerating state by state:

Stay Vocal: Local Bills Bolster the Big Fight Back

These local state laws, newly adopted, show that at least 16 states are more awake than woke.

Well well, I see that In-Diana is not included in her list. I did notice recently, however, that our state legislature is pushing back on the power of the governor, to wit: from this morning’s local Bloomington paper, this headline, top of front page: Monroe Covid restrictions remain in place. Not surprised, given our fearful, globalist mayor. But what did surprise me, was the full first sentence of this same article. I’d say it’s a good sign that all of In-Diana will begin to show its cojones soon:

“Monroe County Covid health restrictions will remain in place even though state legislators on Monday orerrode the governor’s veto of a bill giving local elected officials power over such public health orders issued during emergencies.” (My italics.)

Then there’s this —

— part and parcel of the terrific tug-of-war in Arizona as the first ever thorough forensic audit shows the way for other swing states, for example, Michigan, where Antrim County is now requesting a forensic audit.

And of course, you’ve seen where one mask-oriented school board fled when confronted by parents:


Vail School Board Flees, Parents Elect New Board and Vote to End Mask Mandate

More and more parents are also awakening to just how far schools indoctrinate their children. So, not surprised to see this:

I’ll be very curious to see whether Indiana University, upon which the economic life blood of Bloomington depends, will require the vax for students returning or entering for the fall semester.

It does seem to be the growing trend.

And yet, wouldn’t you know, the state of Florida is out of step with this latest draconian step. Which just goes to show how one singular man, in this case, DeSantis, because he has balls and doesn’t give a rat’s ass what other people think of him, can not just make a difference, but his influence can radiate from his inner resolve outward in all directions.

Most Florida Universities Won’t Require the Covid Vaccine

My question: how many would-be students are awake enough to say, okay, if the vax is required, then to hell with college.

And, given that some college administrators probably know that requiring the vax may significantly reduce their admissions during a time when more and more young people are questioning the value of college, given its cost, not to mention the leftist agenda of so many of its faculty — might this knowledge dissuade these administrators from requiring the vax?

I’ll end this hopeful post on push-back with the latest from And We Know, which just happens to be on the same subject.

The Tide Seems to Be Turning: AWAKENING is happening. PRAY!

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