Post-Covid Tales: Are we waking up, or not?

Went to Aldi’s yesterday. All the clerks, and about 90% of shoppers there, were masked. (Not me.) The percentage — as the plandemic supposedly wears down and the suddenly manufactured race war heats up — increased, over my visit to Aldi’s a week ago, when maybe 20% of folks were in masks. Huh? What gives? Wouldn’t you think that easing of restrictions (Bloomington Indiana is now in “phase 3”) would ease the fear virus?

Check out Ben Garrison’s “Mask of Submission.”  And see his commentary, too. 

This mask matter wouldn’t be so damn serious, except that it seems to be one step along the way to the attemptd total globalist lockdown forever.


P.S. I realize my Aldi story, with its “evidence,” is purely anecdotal,  based on exactly two visits to the same store one week apart. Who knows? The time of day of my visits may have been a factor as well. The point is, we can find just about anything to buttress any argument we might make for any position we might take. Rather than trying to convince others, I keep keep telling myself to just live my life, show the way forward, by, in this case, NOT wearing a mask.

One piece of good news, however, again anecdotal: I was in the IU Credit Union, on the first day after customers were allowed back in (I had never gotten used to standing in line on foot with my puppy at the car drive-in alternative over those two months). But to get in the door I had to get by the guardian of the gate, an employee sitting at a table under an obviously new tent. As soon as he saw me coming, he put his mask back on. I came up, and said breezily, “I don’t have to wear a mask, do I?” And he hastily, and in a very friendly manner, assured me, “No, No.”

I went inside, needed to have a session with one of the bank folks. Went to one of the cubicles, and saw that they had put up plexiglass over the desk. Okay. He came in, without mask, and we carried out our business, which took about 20 minutes, with him going back and forth to the regular tellers on the other side of the big room. Okay. Done!

I turned around to go. All four of the tellers (two masked, two not) on the other side of the room suddenly yelled out, “Hi Ann!”

What a great feeling, to not only be recognized, but addressed, with exuberance.

Is this what “Lockdown” has spawned? If so, BRING IT ON!

P.S. Went to Goodwill afterwards. Lots of people there (it’s been open a few days), and, except for clerks, hardly anyone with a mask, even though a sign in front requests customers to wear one.

Pockets of compliance. Pockets of resistance.

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5 Responses to Post-Covid Tales: Are we waking up, or not?

  1. Nieman Steve says:

    Can verify your reporting with my observations on West Coast. I always look for patterns. Pattern here––no pattern. Collective humanity is split on this blatant reality steer––which allows lotta room for learning to occur. I instinctively trust people not wearing the mask more. Open demonstration of some courage, which reassures. But, of course, lots more that goes into one’s character than just that.

  2. Truthout says:

    The mask isn’t to protect you—it’s not a symbol of neoliberal “freedom”—it’s to protect other folks, whose immune status or that of those they live with you have no way of knowing. It’s a gesture of respect and care for others. Freedom? Not at all. It’s narcissism, ego inflation, and selfishness. I hate to see a philosopher so misguided.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      If the masks protected us from covid, I might wear one. But remember just how tiny this virus is, easily passes through any cloth mask. That info is widely available at this point, which makes mask-wearing even more obviously a sign of compliance, rather than protection.

  3. Kate Ferrell says:

    Ann is right Truthout! There is NO valid science behind the masks. I am so tired of the weaponized compassion! Get off your high horse and educate yourself! I recommend reading “What Really Makes You Ill?” By Dawn Lester and David Parker. They studied and researched the germ theory for 10 years, and concluded there is no scientific basis for it. It has always just been assumptions that the medical cartel uses to make their billions.

  4. rose day says:

    Much thanks both to Truthout and to Kate in bearing out the adage that there will always be at least two sides to any issue.

    I too have done the research and now feel that ‘germ theory’ may be long past its expiration date and agree with Kate that Ann has good info in her corner in reference to the germ passage scenario.

    However, Truthout’s comments raise a personal observation that perhaps for many, the ‘wearing of the mask’ may be less a compliance with a rule that appears medically counter-intuitive and more a sincere gesture toward confused fellow citizenry during this time of incredibly conflicting advice from ‘experts’.

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