Post-Chicago: Zany Mystic — Shadows in Community; Rainbow Farm — Shadow in Ecstasy

Oh wow, on return from my 5 day trip, I discover that the internet radio interview I did with Zany Mystic on April 26 is now available. Especially, if you are interested in cultural permaculture, and in the story of how we faced and embraced the shadow in community, you might want to listen in. About an hour long, and I remember Zany telling me the audio for the last part of it isn’t too good.

Next time we talk, Lance (Zany) says I have to find a land line phone, not a cell phone or skype (because I think, of the fact that my internet is wireless, which can — and did — interfere). So, will go next door, to Rebecca’s.

Of course we talked about other stuff besides facing and embracing shadow in community, but the story I tell haunts even me.

In any case, I did just spend a welcome few days without much use of devices, and their technical problems — except to figure out where we were lost, trying to drive from Evanston to Elmhurst.

On Sunday, I decided that rather than go home right away after the final morning UFO sessions, I’s make an impulse plan to see at least one of two people: Laura Bruno (fellow blogger and new friend) and Ted Blodgett (fellow traveler and new friend), who are both on my way home (not really, but who cares). In any case, the timing was bad for Laura and good for Ted, so that decided it. I would go to Selma Indiana, Rainbow Farm. Photos will follow tomorrow, of what the grassy mown trails are like InDiana there. And how puppy Shadow went ecstatic..

I have to change the size of each photo, which is tedious. Here’s one of them for now.

IMG_0069Yep. That little speck in the distance is Shadow. He’s never, ever been so free to follow his nature. Thank you Ted and Rainbow Farm for the fabulous left-over hummus and chicken wings in the walk-in fridge last night, and the sunset walk, and the comfy bed and hot shower, and the great talk and attunement this morning after Shadow and I walked yet again.

And again! After the attunement! Three walks down those grassy trails to the woods, and the bluebells, and the river! Oh okay, here’s one more photo.


Truly a blessed ending to an eventful trip to Chicago.

Tomorrow: more pictures of InDiana at Rainbow Farm — plus,the story of an incredible incident that happened there over last weekend, plus: the lowdown on my experience at the UFO Conference.









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