Post-Brussels: Are we still taking the bait?



As the world once again spins its collective head around to stare, mesmerized, at yet another distracting false flag psy-op mass terror attack —

3/22 false flag! Gladio strikes Brussels on satanic holiday

— it’s worth re-reading a very precise and acerbic analysis of these occult-driven ritual events by Jay Dyer, done in 2012, focused on the U.S., but nothing has changed, and the whole world’s a stage for those who would systematically rob us of our common humanity to usher in their New World Order.

The Psychological Ritual Warfare of Aesthetic Terrorism and Mass Shootings


The purpose of organized black op events is the psychological warfare effect of mass shootings. All warfare is psychological warfare, as the intent of the attacking party or army desires to bring about the acquiescence of the enemy. Warfare itself is merely a tool to bring about the psychological submission of the other side, while the intention of wiping out the enemy forces are secondary. Why deplete one’s own forces and resources if the enemy can be molded to think accordingly? In this sense, terrorism is the purposeful display of chaos and fear that arises from the radical disturbance of the normal, daily patterns and social routines of the enemy with the intent of achieving an alteration in the psyche of the target populace. Psychological warfare manuals of the Army and CIA even detail the scientific specifics of how to position cameras, news stories, the artistic layout of propaganda pamphlets, etc., to such a detailed degree that the mass populace will never fathom. Based on older advertizing science from Edward Bernays, the Department of Defense perfected Bernay’s tactics to craft the perfectly scientific approach towards mass manipulation, particularly through mass media. It is crucial then for analysts to understand that mass media is the conduit for the display of this propaganda for the purpose of changing the mass psyche to a desired effect. It is all, therefore, advertizing.

. . .

The same can be seen in almost all the mass shootings, in different forms, from Sirhan Sirhan to JFK to Columbine to 9/11 to Anders Breivik to Jared Loughner to James Holmes to Adam Lanza. All of these events involve the same patterns: occultism, underground societies, pop culture presignification and symbolism, semiotic deception and appropriation, mass media obsession, inconsistent “official stories,” the events often occur on important dates relevant to religious calendars, and the workings have the result of markedly changing the mass psyche to become normalized to what is termed in certain circles as aesthetic terrorism. But almost all of this ignored by ignoramus investigators, like lamer Lestrades, more afraid of how they would look to the mass media, than in figuring out the actual story. And the dark geniuses who organize these events see them as fools.

Mass shootings like the above mentioned are not random, lone gunman events that happen because of video games and Prozac. Video games and Prozac are elements in the working of a highly organized, calculated ritual event that has the intention of changing the mass psyche towards the intended effect of terror and submission. Gun control is merely one corollary of this process, with aesthetic terrorism being the real reason: it was done to put a spell on you! In many ways, the basic idea here is voodoo – the corresponding essences are shared between objects and symbols, with one affecting the other at a distance. And it doesn’t matter whether you accept the reality of this mindset, or whether you think the occult is real or not: it was done by those with this mindset.

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