Possible Detailed Timeline of Aurora Shooting: WHY, WHO, WHEN, HOW

This account is strong stuff, describing in meticulous detail how the plot may have unfolded and positing two black operatives “handling” a drugged James Holmes.

Such a plotline makes sense, and does not surprise those of us who are aware of the psychopathology of the “shadow government” that has been running black ops programs for decades and is not accountable to any official “authority.” Even so, as Julia, who sent this story to me, comments: “it still boggles the mind.”

You might want to put this story in the context of the post on Nagasaki. The same callous, murderous mindset and intent. And, again, you might remember to breathe consciously as you read through it.

I do think that what prevents so many people from “waking up,” is that they simply cannot believe that human beings would treat one another the way some of them do, and have, for a long time. And not just in declared wars.

The only thing I might add to this account is to wonder about a third motive: the Aurora shooting as a ritual enactment meant to ramp up chaos and fear and thereby serve as a precursor to whatever the cabal has, or had, planned for the Olympics to help usher in their long desired “New World Order.”

Hopefully, there are enough of us now who are focusing our meditative energy and intent on the London Olympics to completely void those plans.

Batman Massacre: The WHY, the WHO, the HOW.

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